All my good intentions flew out the window in February. But I have an excuse! I was home with my sewing machine less than 6 days the entire month! February turned out to be a big travel month for me and the first half of March is turning out to be just the same! I have been home 2 days and I head back out tomorrow. On a positive note, I will be home the 15th for a solid 5 weeks! 🙂 Yay for 5 weeks of sewing! 🙂

I have been keeping a notebook of my 2018 projects completed. Does anyone keep a list? I decided I wanted to remember all my makes for the year and keep track of how many items I complete. Especially since many of them I don’t make for myself- and well, I forget!

So far this year I have made 7 items. Not bad I suppose but I could be further along. You saw my Maleficent purse in my last post but I also made a red and white Hawaiian print “Lilo” shirt and a Lilo and Stitch drawstring bag for a “Disney Bound” trip to Disney land. (Been twice this year already and I always have to give a nod to Disney.)

My favorite of the 7 items was a sweet “candy” dress I made for a friends little girl. The ruffles were a pain but I knew I needed to have them! Ruffles and little girls are the best! (Well, I think so!)


My other exciting make was a blouse for the mom of the little girl wearing that dress. And it was exciting because I successfully made my first pattern! I have always wanted to design and make patterns so I am “in training.” When I was asked to bring an idea she had to life I decided it was time to try my hand at drafting. I am waiting for some better pics but here is a sneak peek. It is a tie front blouse and super cute for summer. I used a rayon challis and it drapes very nicely if I do say so myself!


When I get back home (I leave again tomorrow) I have a list of things I would like to complete in March. Among them- a Princess purse for my niece. (Doesn’t that cork look GREAT with that Princess fabric?)



A Pirates purse for ME:


And an essential oils travel bag for my eldest daughter and I. (I have become an essential oil user and I love them!) I got this kit from The Fabric Candy Shoppe– where I buy quite a bit of my fabric. (Including the Candy Fabric and the Pirates fabric above.) By the way, following fabric groups on Facebook can be dangerous to your wallet!


Some of the random things I did in February while I was out and about:


The castle at Disneyland at night. Love the lights at Disneyland!


Wine drinking in Oregon!


The Southwest COCO plane I was next to in Houston when I flew on Flight #1 to San Diego. Yes- besides working a lot in San Diego I also went to Disneyland, went to Oregon, and spent some great time with family and friends. But, I still missed sewing! And can’t wait to get back to it!


Isn’t this a great pattern? I just love the cut on this button down, collared blouse. It is feminine and pretty! I plan to make it real soon!

That’s about all for now. I hope to be back soon to share and visit with you all!

Happy Sewing!

Laurie xo