Ever since I went back to work for my old boss in California, my blogging has gone the way of the 8-Track Tape- Pretty much non existent. (Huh, I just realized some of you probably don’t even know what an 8 track tape is!) Thankfully my sewing is still alive and well and I post my current makes on Instagram, but having the time to sit down at a keyboard to write about them has eluded me. I think about it… miss it… but until today have not done it… again. I can’t even make the promise I will keep up because frankly, I have no idea what I will do!


I just recently moved my sewing room/ office to a new room in the house. My baby left the nest- so I painted her dark gray room pale spring green and moved in. (I miss her.) It is lonely here without here. She decided to move back to San Diego AFTER I gave my car to my eldest daughter. So, for the time being I am vehicle-less.  I don’t really go many places anyway- I mean you can get anything you want online now right?! So in between working, I sew and catch up on the shows I missed. (Totally hooked on The Handmaids Tale and Westworld).

Anyway, here is what I have been up to. I made three button down shirts for my son. DC Comics Villians, BB8, and Marvel. No pics- Tough getting those kids to send me pics! I also made shirts for all of my cousins’ boys. I made them pose for me!

I made a sweet Princess Purse:



Isn’t the cork great?! It is one of my favorite materials to work with when I make purses. Sews easily and has a great look. This one is literally cork colored (cork comes in other colors as well) with gold flecks. If you have not worked with it, and make purses or wallets I recommend trying it out!

I made myself some cute knit pajamas out of a french terry knit.


Made the Lucy top by Style Arc. I really love this top- it is flattering and perfect for work events. I work in french terry pjs or gym clothes (at home) but when I fly to San Diego for events I get to dress up!


I have a few other things I am working on- like this dress for my eldest daughter. It still needs lining and finishing but I have been waylaid!


Currently, I am working on my daughter’s wedding dress. I am pleased she asked but TERRIFIED. Especially since out of all my kids she is the one that is the most exacting and precise in her standards. And it’s her WEDDING dress. I have mocked up a bodice, which is actually the toughest part for me. Thankfully, I get her style and she gave me a lot to go on and so far she approves. I am worried anyway, and plan to focus most of my time on perfecting everything about it before I start cutting into the actual bridal fabric. Gah!! I am so nervous!

I have a mini notebook I am recording my makes in for 2018. I have made 33 items. WOW. I did not realize that! 🙂 I really should work on taking better pics and posting more! I certainly have the content!

And on that note, I will leave off with a few fun pics. (Those are so much easier to get!)

Made these Star Wars T-shirts for daughter #1 and daughter #3. We went to Disneyland for May the 4th- It was fun! (I wore Princess Leia)


Went to my first crawfish boil. In California we don’t eat crawfish. Or at least I never had. BUT heck, it is a BIG thing in Texas. Regardless, I have never tried it because, well, crawly things? My brother and I used to catch these in the creek back in the day. We called them crawdads and we did NOT eat them! We put them back… Anyway- I tried one. Just because you should always try something once. They were not my thing! But it was a fun day anyway!


Went to Stagecoach in Coachella Valley with my middle daughter. We had a blast! We are actually flying to Oregon end of July for another 3 day Country Music Festival… 🙂



And I bought two sweeeeet vintage patterns. Well, I don’t think the 90’s one can truly qualify for vintage yet but it is definitely “old.” I love them both- and had to have them. The Vogue pattern is straight out of the 80’s and is a Tamotsu Designer Dress. Something I would have worn and definitely something I would have made myself. I plan on making them both for me- AFTER wedding dress sewing!


See you soon! Happy Sewing…