Every year, my brother and I and friends hit the Texas Renaissance Faire. It is a new tradition since I have only been here for 2 of them, but I have gone 4 times! It is so much fun I buy extra tickets and try and go at least twice during the 6 weekends it is here. And we dress up. If you are going to a Renn Faire you have to get the full experience and that means wear a costume! (Artsy pic because I had a new APP I wanted to play around with…) *This is a 2017 make but worth blogging about!


Each weekend is a different theme like Scottish Highlanders, Pirate Adventure, 1001 Dreams etc. This year they added a weekend called Hero’s and Villains and my brother decided he wanted to go full on Steampunk. Since he was willing to wear jodhpurs I was down for making him a great costume!!

Steampunk: “A style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.”

I made the vest and the jodhpurs. The Jodhpurs were from the Butterick Making History line #B6340.

Butterick 6340

I made the longer length because I know he didn’t plan on wearing boots. This is TEXAS people… and it’s usually pretty warm. I have to say these jodhpurs were one of the hardest things I have ever made. #1- I have never made real pants even though I have them on my list. #2- I read some of the steps over and over again to understand them in my head, but still made mistakes. #3- There was quite a bit of seam ripping in a few places as I figured out what I was supposed to do. But in the end… it was worth it!

I used the leftover vest fabric to make fancy pockets that no-one will ever see… 🙂


I even used (fake) leather to make them harder on myself! By the way, these jodhpurs had 36 buttons I had to sew on and make buttonholes for. I really enjoyed the button shopping. Etsy has some amazing buttons! I actually found some vintage military buttons while I was shopping and hope to make myself something using them this year.

Not the best picture of the buttons in action. But you get the idea. 24 of those babies on the legs. It was quite a chore! Well worth it though! I have no picture of the buttons I used in the pocket area and waistband… Ah well!

The vest was an easy make and in my attempt to not wait until the last minute done several months before the jodhpurs. I used McCalls #2447- quite a nice men’s vest!


Do you see those pockets? I used my (fake) leather to trim them. 🙂 Aren’t they great? This fabric was a little slinky to work with but with a few tricks I was able to conquer it. I admit it takes patience though! I have been collecting silk to sew with but don’t feel confident enough yet- Maybe this year I will get a pair of silk pajamas!


I used more buttons from Etsy. I probably spent more on buttons then the fabric! He bought his shirt and the tie- I wanted to make an ascot but did not get to it! He also bought all that gear at a little shop at the Renaissance Faire to complete his costume.


Overall, I think it turned out pretty good. It has already been worn twice! (Faire and Halloween) I definitely want to make myself a Steampunk costume this year. Did you know there are “characters?” I decided I wanted to be a Steampunk Seamstress! Seems appropriate!


I will leave you with a few pictures of our fun times over the last 2 years. I was an elf twice (and a wench twice),  because after all that work (and a fancy Halloween costume for my middle daughter) I did not have time to make myself something new for 2017. But an elf works! And I made it!



I enjoy taking pictures with strangers in costume!  I also enjoyed the bawdy shows, the craft beer, looking at other people in costume, eating, and shopping for cool stuff! (Got a wooden flute this year.)


My goal is to have 3-4 well made costumes I can wear when the Renaissance Faire rolls around. I have lots in mind including the ever popular wench, a Steampunk Seamstress, and maybe an evil fairy! The Warrior elf was fun though! Best part this past Faire was a happy brother!


See you soon and Happy Sewing!