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It’s a Harry Potter World… or at least it will be for my middle daughter next month on her birthday. And dang if I am not super impressed with myself for already having TWO items done! Over a month in advance!! (It remains to be seen if I actually FINISH everything now!)

I have an abundance of HP fabric because Holly requested Carolyn PJ’s a while back. I bought some fabric, and then kept buying and soon realized she would be getting a whole lot more than jammies! So I started with a purse and wristlet!

I used the newly released digital Harry Potter Prints by Camelot Fabrics. They are quite lovely and have a nice selection!


I kinda sorta had an idea in my head for how I wanted this to look and unfortunately it is kinda rough. I started with the Swoon Bucket bag but made quite a few changes, which accounts for the few mistakes I had. Sometimes thinking it through to the end for me is tough!

I cut out all my pieces, interfaced, added the vinyl pieces in where I wanted it and was ready to go.



My goal was turning the bucket back into something that looked more like a purse vs tote. I wanted to add vinyl, and that drawstring section at the top. Like I said, I had a picture in my head! My first mistake was in the printing but I did not realize it until well into the sewing and I was not going to give up at that point. My base was WAY too big! Like seriously! I figure I must have printed the other parts incorrectly as the purse is definitely smaller than expected.


But I kept going! I had silver grommets and no brass which may have gone better but I did not feel like going to the fabric store. So they are silver! I did learn that grommets are EASY to put in vinyl! Or I was having a good day!


My second mistake was towards the end- The bag was done, but I had no strap. I SHOULD have inserted the small strap pieces into the stitching as I was attaching the vinyl to the main body. But I was completely done with the “bag sans strap” and no way was I going to remove all the top stitching etc. So, in the effort to be upfront and real… I cheated. I just attached it and used sharpie on that ragged edge. Sigh.


The inside is HP lined as well.


I am SUPER pleased with how my new Bernina performed. It sewed through all the handle and tie thickness with no issues! Thank you Bernina!


Yes, I am a work in progress! Got a little dicey on that X!


I went with crossbody style and made a longer strap so she could wear it easily when she takes the train to school. Less chance of her leaving it somewhere when it is strapped across the body!


Anyway, I am pretty happy with it regardless, and I KNOW Holly will love it. I am going to make her an Harry Potter sunglass case and earbud holder so she can stay organized. Despite the purse turning out smaller than I envisioned I did manage to make a bag that her Kindle would fit into also- her Kindle goes EVERYWHERE with her!


Here is her wristlet. This was a quick and fun little make. I think I may need to make one from each house! Pattern is also by Swoon- Coraline.


I have a lot of traveling to do this month but hope to get things sewn when I am home. I actually just counted and at the end of January I will have spent 17 days in Houston and 14 days in San Diego. At that rate I don’t think I will be sewing piles of items this year! I have finished 6 already though! 🙂 2 button down shirts, a flannel, the above purse and wristlet and my dryer sheets. (Yes, I am counting my dryer sheets!)

The KISS shirt I made my son is AWESOME… Here is a sneakie peak!


Hope you all have had a great start to 2017! I am going for 100 items sewn this year and joined the FB group as incentive. That tallies up to only 8 a month. I should be able to do that? If you are interested, check it out!

Happy Sewing!


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