I sewed on a patch! And I thought I should share because I have neglected to share much of anything lately! Not that I have not been sewing but decent pictures are lacking and without the pictures, my heart isn’t into it. But… I did sew on a patch! 😀 A Bakfish Brewing patch on to a shirt for my brother. This is not the first one and it won’t be the last since he is an investor and Bakfish is now our local hang out. Speaking of beer, I got to pour beer for the customers one Saturday which was on my bucket list. Check!


I made 5 shirts for my cousins boys the last few months. But apparently I forgot to take a pic of the Batman shirt I made for #4. But here are 4 of them! I love making fun mens/ boys shirts. I am up to 19 and have a new one on the deck- special request from someone at the brewery. 😀

Boys Shirts

I made my eldest daughter a new vintage dress in a pretty challis.

Vintage Rose dress

My two eldest jumped out of a plane! YIKES!


I went to California for Stagecoach (three days of country music in Coachella) and not only did I see Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, The Doobie Brothers and a whole slew of other musicians and bands, but I also saw SNOOP DOGG… in da house! I had VIP tix so I was right up front in the pit! 😀


I made my eldest some SUPER CUTE Pikachu Carolyn PJ’s for her birthday. I have made three pairs of these now- someday I will make some for myself!

Carolyn Pajamas

I survived my first Houston Flood! On that Monday morning did this Cali girl know to check the news? Nope. Even though it had rained ALL night long and she was nervous to drive in the rain did she still head to work? Yes… But Alas I only made it 20 minutes down the road. I just want to say when they say “Turn around don’t drown” they mean it. From experience, now that it has happened to me, you have NO clue how deep that puddle covering the road goes. It may start out just an inch or 2 high but can get deeper. The “puddle” i went through kept rising until it nearly stalled out my car- Thankfully I veered off and up the side of the road onto higher ground. Hyperventilated… called my brother who was going to be NO help since he drives a mini cooper. And lived to talk about it. The scary thing is THIS is a picture of the exit I take to get to work. SO thankful I never made it that day! That is a CRAZY amount of water! And yes- that is a street light that must be at least 20 feet in the air. :/

Houston Flood_ All The Pics You Need To See(1)

My cousin has chickens and they like to come in and visit.


I made 5 new Lane Raglans! Three for me!


I ran my first 5K!!!!! And did not walk ANY of it!


And because I ran my first 5K and decided I needed to work towards a half marathon I got a 2nd pair of running shoes. NEXT, I am going to start making myself some running clothes. There are some NICE patterns out there for that!


I got a new hat with LOTS of sparkle… That would be a delicious 10 Barrel Brew I am enjoying at Stagecoach.


Next on my list of sewing – some work tops… simple with a drapey neckline- from these PRETTY jersey knits I got from Fabric Mart. I needed to add some color into my generally black and black work wardrobe!


I think that’s enough updating for now… But seriously guys! I sewed on a patch!


Laurie xo

~Reading The Law of Five by Robin Mahle