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For Mothers day this year D2- (middle daughter) got me a sewing basket. A PERFECT sewing basket. πŸ™‚ One that made me smile since it has dress forms on it. I mean, what could be better than that?!

Sewing Basket

And yes, I found it necessary to take my basket outside and set it on the fence so I could take a glorious picture! πŸ˜‰

I love my basket. I struggle with organization. I mean I LIKE to be organized, and try to stay organized but inevitably I allow a mess to build up in my sewing space and spend half my time LOOKING for things I know I just had. If I was able to spend my time SEWING instead of looking for the seam ripper or tape measure, well, I would have twice the wardrobe! To that end, I have been really good about keeping the basket right next to me on the floor, and replacing the items I use. And so far so good!

Basket Inside View

Here is the inside view of my sewing basket- Note, the seam ripper, tape measure, bobbins and marking pencil. (I even hide my sharpie in here- Sharpies have a way of disappearing at my house- but no longer!)


I have a thing for sewing needles. So I bought a “truckload” off Amazon last year. (Slight exaggeration) but you know what I mean right? There is nothing worse then buying a few needles at a time and then always having to hit JoAnns for more. I actually need to buy some more Ballpoint needles now BUT seriously, I have over 100 Size 12 sharpie needles. Im’a thinking they will last me a little while! I also have 14’s 11’s and some denim needles. Gotta keep myself stocked! And hand sewing needles? I cannot even express how many times I was almost finished with a project and could not find my packet of hand sewing needles. I’d be crawling around on the floor at 2 AM hoping I had dropped it and would stumble on it so I could finish my project. NOW, here they are in my trusty sewing basket!

Bobbins and Tags

I have bobbins and tags. “Made by Me” and “Made by Mom.” πŸ™‚ I like my tags. They make me happy! I also keep bobbins in my sewing machine compartment as well. The colors I use most often like black and white so I keep several ready to go.


Not the best picture but in the bottom part I have scissors, my magnetic pin cushion, several rotary cutters and a few more random items. Like my tracing wheel and papers.

Tracing Wheel

Life is much better when you have an organized sewing basket! I have also started my organization project on other parts of my space. I am using the photo boxes from JoAnns to house “stuff.” Like buttons and zippers and notions like piping and lace. I love these because they stack nicely, and look good on my shelves!

Photo Boxes in the Sewing room

I even have an empty one I use on my sewing desk for my latest project! Keeps everything tidy! On a side note- that zipper one? Is STUFFED full of zippers- And it seems like I never have the right size/ color/ style and still have to buy zippers 😦 Sigh…

I am about ready to embark on organizing my fabric. I literally have about ** tubs of fabric. (I think like 11??!) I am debating on organizing by type- as in knits, cottons, challis etc… OR I have been thinking of organizing by colors! That way if I am working on a blue themed “capsule” I don’t have to dig through everything. I definitely think I want ALL my blacks together. Saves time digging through every time when I need something!

I have to say some of the sewing rooms I have seen are so organized!! And I don’t know HOW you sewists who have to sew on the kitchen table do it! Do you pick up every night?

On Aug 1st I am going to start a series. I have never had a series on anything but have had plenty of ideas. I like to challenge myself and so yesterday as I was looking at my “Free Patterns” Pinterest board I realized I had quite a few free patterns- and had NEVER made one. Β Not a single one! So, I have challenged myself to make one free pattern project a month. First up? This sweet nightgown reminiscent of Downtown Abbey.


I know it is the “maids nightdress” but seriously, I am pretty much the maid around here!

See you soon friends!