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Yes- I disappeared for a while. I have a tendency to do that and have been thinking a lot about why. And I think I have it figured out.

1. Picture taking- Most of my pictures are just plain crappy. I want a beautiful location and someone that will be patient enough to take several hundred pictures so I can throw most of them out looking for those few gems!

2. Picture taking- I make lots of things for my kids. But rounding them up and getting pictures is impossible. I SWEAR it was easier when they were little. NOw they have lives. 😦

3. Picture taking- HEY- I see a pattern here. To take pictures you have to brush your hair and slap makeup on and make sure the lighting is good and you know what? That just takes time I rarely have. PLUS, you have to have someone available to take those pics. Sigh….

So, lets get to the reason I am here today- to blog about my Holly-Anna as I have dubbed it. I LOVE it. I LOVE it. I LOVE it.

First off- I have made THREE By Hand London Anna Dresses.

Three Anna Dresses By Hand LondonBecause I can be somewhat of a lazy sewist I decided to avoid LOTS of fitting by using a knit for my first one. (You can read about it here) I loved it so much I made the Black and White Anna from knit for my class reunion and the all black Anna to wear with cowboy boots to a Country Fest.  Knit all around- comfortable… easy to fit… and knit just works for me and my lifestyle. PLUS- size wise I have a little extra movement when using a knit so I appreciate that!

When Laura Loves Pugs announced she was having an International Anna Party to celebrate her birthday I decided to join in. I LOVE the Anna dress and had been wanting a new one. As I was planning my dress I realized I wanted to do a Mash Up. I have never done one and it sounded intriguing. I have been wanting a jumpsuit so in a moment of genius (if I do say so myself) I grabbed my Holly jumpsuit pattern and traced the trouser portion. And boom- my Holly-Anna was born.

By Hand London Holly Anna Mash Up
Hey guys! It is raining in California!

Initially I was going to use a different fabric for the bodice. As a matter of fact I made the WHOLE thing with this pink fabric but as I was ruminating over the result ( I do a lot of “sewing thinking” as I try to fall asleep at night) I realized I really did not like to wear pink. And I really did not like this fabric on me.

InstagramCapture_4b241fd9-fb3a-4af6-8352-41a0c9e013e3See? Pink. Not me. And I loved the look of the jumpsuit so much I needed to find a bodice fabric I would be happy with.  I dug through every piece of fabric I owned unable to find something I wanted until on top of my washer I found my leftover Easter Dress fabric. What a happy result!

HollyAnna 1Pardon the wrinkles. Guess I have to learn to stand up straight! I do not look very thrilled to be taking the picture either. (SIGH)

This was not a difficult mash up. My bodice pieces had already been cut to accommodate using a knit so that part was done. I took my measurements (waist and hips) and traced the appropriate pant size. I also measured my thigh because unfortunately I am a “spoon” shape- small up top and a very round spoon bottom. (OK- pear shaped and VERY pear shaped!) I widened the trouser leg to fit my hip measurement.

I used a ponte knit – a lighter weight Maggy London one I picked up at Fabric Mart (Oh how I love Fabric Mart!) and it worked well. I shortened my bodice a touch because I knew the weight of the bottom would pull it down a bit. You know what? It worked!

WP_20150718_12_23_03_ProI am either celebrating here…trying to beat off a big lizard… or doing a rain dance! (serious drought here in CALIFORNIA)

For the bodice I used binding for the sleeves and the neckline because facings and trying to hem knits are not really my favorite things to do either. I think it looks quite nice and finished!

Knit Anna Bodice with Facings

When I attached the bodice to the trouser portion it was a perfect fit. Possibly because they were both BHL patterns? I am not sure but the two pieces went together beautifully. Another plus? Using the knit meant I could eliminate inserting a zipper. WIN! 🙂

Holly- Anna. I highly recommend it! Quick and easy sew and jumpsuits are in right now!


Maybe I will see you again soon? I made an adorable Star Wars dress for D1 and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle dress for D2. Now if I could just rope them down for some pics!

xoxox ~Laurie