I sew. I sew a LOT. Many of the things I sew never make it to my blog. Frankly I am better at short and sweet so Instagram is my favorite venue for social media. I LOVE seeing what everyone else is making. And frankly I love to see what you are eating and drinking and doing! I am not sure why- I suppose a psychologist would have quite a bit to say about that. 🙂 But if you want to follow me I am LaurieSue– San Diego girl that loves craft beer, sewing and my kiddos!

A few months ago I was chatting with my cuzzy (yes, I call her that) and we decided that we were always sewing for everyone else, and it was time to devote a whole month to sewing up some things for ourselves. My cousin has 6 kids! Five rambunctious boys and one sweet little princess. She sews constantly for those boys and her daughter. She makes a few things for herself but not many! I sew for my girls too. Basically because they are cute and young and a think they are so much more fun to sew for! But I WANT to wear things I have made too. I am not saying I DON’T make things- I am just saying I don’t make much and have so much on my list I would like to do.

So, for Spring.. it’s all about me. 🙂 Heck- this is perfect timing too because Me Made May is right around the corner and dang I am definitely participating! (there IS a Me Made May 2015 right??)

Spring Sewing

I went through all my fabrics and here is what I came up with. Some of them I don’t even know what I am going to make into yet! But maybe you will have some ideas! And yes, that is my mini trampoline. It’s for holding fabric right??!

Patterns For Pirates Every Day Eleegance Tunic

First up is this. Funny enough it is a fabric I just bought, because, well, I had to have it. You know how that is right? I am trying to be realistic with myself and make things I can wear all Spring and Summer and feel comfortable but nice in. This is kind of a sheer flowy cotton so I will put a cami under it.  I have been wanting to try this pattern for a while. It is The Everyday Elegance Tunic by Patterns for Pirates. I think this will be a quick make! I also bought some black lightweight cotton denim with a bit of stretch. I am going to make either a crop pant or a “legging” style pant to go with it. THIS is something I will wear a lot! So I am pretty stoked to be making it first. (Even though it is the “youngest” fabric in my stash!)

Granville Fabrics

I LOVE Sewaholic patterns. Initially I was going to do all Sewaholic patterns for the month of April but I am also trying to use stash- and I would have had to do some major fabric shopping. (Not that I would mind buying new fabrics but I need to be good… right?) I am going to be adding 3 new Granville shirts to my life this month. The white is a beautiful embroidered cotton and is slated to be a long sleeve. The pretty print is a voile and I am going to make a sleeveless variation. The butterfly is also a cotton voile. I am TORN. Do you think it would make a good Granviille? Or is it too much butterfly?

Vintage Silk Grey

I am very short on tops so knew I needed to focus on making several this month. I have some silk in my stash. SILK! I have never used it because it is expensive and I am afraid. But I am gonna do it. Because I have already made this top I know it is going to work for me. That makes me a little more confident that it will be a success! It is grey, which isn’t the best color on me, but with the right lip color I think I can pull it off!


I have over three yards of this really nice cotton jersey knit in royal blue. I have enough to make the sleeveless top in the left and the Simplicity dress in the upper right corner. I like solids… and I love blue. This top will go with my black pants I am making as well. I KNOW the top will get a lot of wear. Knit top? Solid color? Perfect!

Knit Maxi

You know I LOVE maxi’s if you have been a long time reader. So you know I have to have a few new ones to wear this season. I bought this black and white print jersey knit a long while ago. (Hurray for using stash so I can shop for more!) I made myself this maxi last year- so I know it is another winner. Maybe I will blog BOTH when I get this finished. 🙂

3 fabrics

I have more… But I don’t want to exhaust you all. The rest can be SURPRISES! In the meantime… tell me your thoughts on the butterfly voile Granville. Too much? And HELP me decide what to do with these oh so pretty florals as I am stumped! Ideas anyone? The tough part of sewing for me is that I am not slim and trim, nor am I a spring chicken* any longer. I love florals for Spring and want to add some to my wardrobe. The 2 on the outer edges are rayon challis and the center one is a nice cotton jersey. I have 3- 3.5 yards of each. Plenty for almost anything! (Except a pair of Carolyn jammies 😦 )

My initial thought on the challis with the white background is that I should NOT do a full dress. Maybe just a bodice with a solid darker blue skirt? Of course that is contingent upon me finding one and you know how that is! Another thought was making the Sewaholic Oakridge blouse and wearing it with blue jeans! This one:


Decisions decisions! That black and blue floral challis has been 3 different things already! And now I can’t remember any of the ideas I had!


I have some more aqua and black in my fabric collection for April. I would also like to make a black Hollyburn and Gabriola. And I have a few aqua knits for some drapey tops. My biggest challenge is going to be to get these things done! I guess as it is the 31st I can get cracking.

I have some “daughter sewing” blog posts just waiting for pictures. I will be sharing those soon!

Take care and happy sewing!

Laurie xoxo

* Speaking of Spring Chickens I had a debate with my eldest daughter on whether this pattern was too young for me. I don’t think we resolved it so maybe I can put it to a vote. Be honest! I don’t mind if it IS too young. I just can’t decide! Lets put it too a vote! I can take it! Really I can! (BTW- I have a 26 year old son! I am 40++)

Cynthia Rowley Pattern