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Hellooo friends and fellow sewists! I made an Emery Dress and I LOVE it! And so does the receiver of the Emery dress. πŸ™‚

Making dresses for #2 is EASY as pie. She loves everything and wears it all. I can say, “HEY, Holly, look at this dress. Would you like one?” And she says YES! But Kadi is choosy. And picky. And likes things just so. She had a dress in her mind for Christmas and I searched high and low to find a very similar pattern as I did not want to make a ton of adjustments. And lo and behold I found it! The Emery Dress by Christine Haynes. And the only adjustment I would need to make was in the neckline. She wanted a boat neck!

Christine Haynes Emery Dress

I used a linen rayon I got from JoAnns. Kadi loves linen. I ordered a beautiful berry color from fabric.com but they were so swamped with orders I knew I was not going to get it before we left on our trip to Oregon. So, I canceled the order and trekked over to JoAnns, NOT expecting to find anything decent but HOPING. And there is was! A beautiful deep red linen. So home it went!

Emery Dress

I made a muslin. YES- ME! (I was quite impressed with myself.) I did not want to cut in to that linen until I knew the fit was right. I cut out a size 4 with a wider neckline and then adjusted the boat neck a little more and the dress was a perfect fit! Kadi always wanted a dress withΒ  buttons down the back so we decided to go that venue as well. Heck… why not?!

Emery Dress with Button Back


Ah yes… linen wrinkles. But it is still a marvelous dress! I fully lined the inside so she would not need to bother with a slip. I wish I had inside pictures but I do not! (sorry!) But trust me- it is as beautiful inside as it is out. And it has pockets! All my girls LOVE pockets in their dresses.

I made a matching bow but Kadi decided to forgo the final touch. Sigh… I really liked the bow!

Emery DressI highly recommend this pattern. It is sweet and stylish and goes together beautifully. I can’t wait to make another! I will probably not do buttons down the back on the next one but I am sure it will be just as sweet!

I did a TON of sewing in December- Lots of gifts, sewing for my mama, button down shirts for my son (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!) and even made myself something I wear all the time! I have lots of sewing planned over the next few months including a “Selfish Spring.” I am going to make myself some mix and match separates out of mostly Sewaholic Patterns. I have them all and they fit me well. Although I will work in a few others – just because! I have already started planning and setting aside some fabrics I think will fit in with what I want to do. Currently I am planning black (I know- NOT a spring color but it will always be MY basic no matter what season!), white, grey and I think aqua if I am able to find some fabrics I like. It is an ever evolving plan but I will keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon! I need to blog Holly’s 70’s dress. I love how it turned out!

Take care and happy sewing!

Laurie xox