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Oh wait... That was old school Batman. Who was MY Super Hero growing up. I adored Batman when I was a little girl. When I was a growing up we were allowed to watch ONE TV Show a day. And we had to NAP! (eye roll) My one show was Batman- on at 4:30 PM. I never missed an episode! I still adore Batman!



My girls have different Super Heros. (I am not sure WHAT is wrong with them.) Juliette thinks the sun and moon shines on Spider Man… Holly thinks Superman is the Bee’s Knees… and Kadi- hmmmm… She has never expressed any Super Hero Love. Although she thinks Thor is pretty nice looking. She prefers Picachu overall though I think. Haha…

But this post is all about a dress. A bunch of Super Heros.. all on one dress!

Super Here Comic Dress

I love to sew for Holly. (My middle daughter) She wears it all. She is not afraid to wear her comic dress to college classes… In -N-Out… park day… the Dr’s office. If she feels like wearing her comic dress on it goes! And boy does she get the attention when she wears it. She is ALWAYS stopped and then people are in awe when they find out I made it.

I feel kinda bad about the awe. Frankly it is just a simple little dress! I guess in this case it’s the FABRIC that makes the dress. 🙂

Comic Dress


Just look at Thor and Friends BURSTING out of her chest. 😀

I used my favorite vintage pattern for this dress. I first made this dress for Holly last October and it is still at the top of my pile to use! (You can see it here.) It is Simplicity pattern #4432. I love it and it is a perfect little summer dress pattern.

Simplicity Pattern 4432.



I did View 3 because we like the sleeveless look. Holly can add a cardigan for those chilly California days! Everything was just as easy last time. Except I was careful in my placement of “super heros” and comic print.



I lined the bodice and put a nice long zipper in the back. Lengthwise she prefers it right above her knee. Not too short and not too long in my book! Just right! I did not line the skirt of this one because the fabric was heavy enough without! OH! I used the DC Comic fabric from JoAnns. I bought it on sale (because that is the only way I buy ANYTHING) and Holly could not wait until it was finished.



I promise we didn’t actually PICK the neighbors lemon! We just sang “Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemons smell so sweet…” 😉

Holly has worn this A LOT! Which I love. So I immediately knew I could buy MORE fun fabric and make her more dresses. (The kids at the school she works at love when she wears a cool print dress.) Last week I blogged about her Pacman dress. And I bought some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fabric a few weeks ago to add to her collection!

DC Comic Dress


And that is the Super Hero Dress. Took a while to hit the blog but better late then never right?!

Lots of sewing has been happening in my little space. And I have lots more to do! I think sewing is a never ending fabulous way to spend most of my spare time. 🙂