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Sandpoint Tee

Sandpoint Tee


Last month I got the opportunity to test the Sandpoint Tee. The Sandpoint is the creation of Helena Ashbridge of GrayDay Patterns. Back in August, The Monthly Stitch hosted Indie Month and included a contest. The winner would get help getting their pattern released! I loved Helena’s tee. It was simple yet stylish. And the back – va va voom! She took a simple tee and made it sexy!




I used a burnout cotton knit for both versions I made. When you make yours be sure to choose a knit that will drape nicely. 🙂 The pattern is simple- a front and back piece, neck binding, sleeve bindings and the back band that not only helps keep the tee from sliding down your shoulders but adds a nice little designer touch. On the first version I made (the green one) I sewed the band underneath along the shoulder seam. Then I realized it was supposed to be on TOP of the shoulder seam which opens things up for a whole variety of neat versions. (Contrasting color would be neat!)

There are 2 different necklines to choose from. One is a round neck and a v-neck. I made the v-neck both times. One tip- just follow the directions! My mind had a little trouble grasping what Helena meant, but if you follow the picture diagram and just do it you will find you made a beautiful v-neck!




The green one is mine… But Juliette is notorious for appropriating other peoples clothes (to the dismay of her big sister) and she looks cuter than me so she got the pictures taken… Plus it disappeared off Dolores (my dress form) for approximately a week! I had to demand she bring it back. And then I made her one of her own. (She looks great in orange doesn’t she?)



I promised my other 2 girls one too. Kadi already has her fabric picked out! Holly will take whatever I make! I will definitely be making more of the Sandpoint Tee. Like I said, it is more than just a basic tee. It is pretty! And stylish! I would like a black one. And I have a fabulous silk cotton knit that drapes gorgeously!

The Sandpoint is a great tee for beginners as well. Helena walks you through each step and includes clear diagrams! It is being released TODAY! So get on over to GrayDay Patterns and make one, or two, or five of your own! Oh, And Helena is offering a 20% discount from now until 10-26! The discount code is “firstweek.”



Congrats to Helena on winning Project Indie with The Monthly Stitch… and congrats on your first pattern! I am looking forward to see what is next up for GrayDay Patterns. 🙂



Ps. Here is a gallery of photos for your viewing pleasure! 😀