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Shall I count the ways? 😉 1, 2, 3…99,100,101…



I have been pretty busy this year but have still found TWO days to take a trip up to Los Angeles to hang out in the Fabric District. The first time we went it was New Years Day and frankly MOST of the shops were closed but I still managed to find what I went for- bright yellow fabric to make costumes for my daughters hip hop class. And I also managed to find a big bag full of fabric treasure to take home! Then last week we took a trip back thanks to some Hip Hop pant sales I made in my shop- I needed to make more!


The LA Fabric District is home to the largest selection of textiles and notions in the United States.  I did my research and found there are close to 200 stores! They sell everything from fabric and notions, to beads and trims. You can buy apparel fabric or home decor fabric and prices start at $.99 cents per yard.The stores are literally next door to each other over several blocks square. Heaven for the Sewist and Fabric Junky. 😀


Do you SEE that PILE of fabric?! It is so huge my daughters climbed up ON it to rummage around. LOTS of junk- I admit it… But lots of treasure too and well worth the hunt! That piece of teal knit I am holding in the first picture? I paid a buck for it. One dollar! At those prices my daughter Kadi built up a fabric stash she can be proud of and I added to mine. Again I want to stress that there is a lot of junk but I am also willing to dig around for some good deals. I found lots of knits and sheers. They had some denim. And the store also houses PILES of buttons, zippers at 5 for $1, lace elastic and notions galore. Like I said- HEAVEN!


That was not the only store I went to. We wandered in to more stores than I can count and they have it all. Do you need lace or ribbon? Check… Do you need buttons or zippers? Check. In the market for some camouflage panty elastic? Check.I bought an entire roll of black 1″ wide elastic for $5. There are over 20 yards on that roll!


I dug around in that button box and found 12 of these little babies- for a jacket I have almost finished. Paid $1 for ALL 12. Well worth the time spent!

We had lots of fun! (Holly wants to know if you need feathers?)

HollyTrimAnd here is just a teaser of what we came home with!

FABRICCOLLAGEI got about 3 yards of the chevron knit and paid $2 for it all… the striped was $2 also- I have  a little over 2 yards and hope to be able to use it as a lining… that navy blue is a really cool muted stripe in various shades of blue and is a VERY soft knit- almost flannel like but still a knit. I paid $1! And the floral is a stretch knit that I also paid $1 for. And frankly these are just a FEW of the bargains I found. I have 6 yards of this amazing light blue sweater knit I paid $3 for! Lark cardi here I come!

fabcollageMore of our delights!

PicMonkey meandkd

Kadi and I rolling in our stash. I would like to add that Kadi is just starting to sew. And she is well on her way to building a nice stash of fabrics. (A girl after her mama’s heart!) She is already chipping away at it too. She has made herself a casual pair of drawstring pants, she finished her Lark Cardigan last night (she paid $2 for a sweater knit from “The Pile”) and is working on a gorgeous kimono jacket from one of the satins she bought. The kimono jacket is from fabric that was not from “The Pile” but was still a good buy at $4.99 a yard. Her make will be about $10. and super cute!


I plan on hitting LA once a month. It means I better get busy and SEW because we made a pact NOT to buy more fabric until we have sewn 10 items. For me that is very do-able as I have a lot knits that will become tops. 😀

Let me know if you are ever in the area! I am an hour and a half away but MORE than happy to drive up for a day of Fabric Heaven.



PS. In case you are wondering what I am currently working on- I just finished 9 pairs of super cool hip hop pants for a competition team, have 4 flower girl dresses to make and a woman wants me to make TEN blouses for her. Oh! And last night I finished my Jungle January make which I hope to get pics of soon!