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I love new books… I love turning that first page knowing I am embarking on a new adventure. A story that will pull me in and make me a part of it. I love the smell and the crisp edges of each page as I turn them. A new year is like a new book. Brand new pages to turn. πŸ™‚

I used to scoff at resolutions. After all we can make commitments to ourselves any time of year. But now I realize there is something about starting the New Year out with 365 clean, fresh pages. Brand new pages that I get to fill! And what better way to start the New Year then with an outline and a fresh set of goals to fill those pages.

My goals are not all sewing related. Some I am carrying on from last year because dang if I did not completely succeed YET. Some are easy. Some will be more difficult. But here they are nonetheless.


1. Do some form of exercise every day- even if it is just one loop around the block or running up and down the stairs 10 times.

2. Eat right MOST of the time

3. Clean out my garage so I can park in it!

4. Read at least 2 books per month. I am already compiling my list! I used to be a huge reader but have not made the time for it in several years. I love to read and am looking forward to enjoying some great books.

5. Once a month disconnect from everything electronic for the evening and just hang out with my girls. My girls are on board with this one- We already tried this once. We didn’t even use electricity! We sat together and played games and talked by candlelight. Fun times!

6. Be a better blogger. I counted 12 projects I never blogged about! One Archer, a red denim jacket, 2 Maxi dresses, a maxi skirt, one tank top, one dolman sleeved top, 3 Sol Hoodies (I am going to blog these in January), my Carnivale costume and a sundress for my middle daughter

6. San Diego now has 82 Craft Breweries. If you didn’t know I am a lover of craft beer. And I plan on having visited ALL 82 by the end of the year. I confess I have a head start. My brother was here last week and we knocked out 11! And I started a blog to document it- http://www.82SanDiegoBreweries.com. Hopefully I can keep up with it!


1. Sew more items I will wear every day- Renfrews, Thurlows, a few maxi skirts, and another batch of undies! I am also thinking I’d like a denim skirt, a Robson, a Saltspring dress, and more!

2. Sew more thoughtfully. What I mean by this is I do not want to just sew to sew. I want to sew the things I have in my head and not “settle.” When I settle for a fabric or get distracted by quickie projects I am never happy. From now on if I buy a pattern and have an image in my head instead of settling for something else I would rather wait until I do find the fabric I need.

3. Properly fit everything I sew. If this means making up 6 mockups of a pattern in my quest for the perfect fit, then so be it. I want my clothes to hang right and fit right.

4. This one is pretty specific but I am making it anyway! I want to make all 3 of my girls a silky, beautiful robe and matching PJ’s this year. Ideally I would have these done for Christmas! Hey, I have 360 days!

5. I have a box full of clothes I would like to refashion. I figure if I make a goal of one refashion a month I can probably succeed at this.

6. This was one of my goals from last year. I did not do it in 2013. I managed to buy 3 different sizes of needles and some yarn but I never actually started the project I had picked out. I REALLY want to learn to knit.

7. More quilting in 2014! I used to ALWAYS quilt. I have at least a dozen quilts in use at my house- (HEY- it’s winter!) And I have fabric for at least 6 more hanging out in drawers. Top of the list is my Snow White quilt. I also have a Yoda quilt and by hook or by crook I am going to have a BATMAN quilt to snuggle with by years end.

8. Last but not least- I want to sew something beautiful out of silk. Without ruining it! I know exactly what I want it to be… but I think I will keep it to myself! (The toughest part of this goal is that I need to have enough cash to buy the silk AND I need to find exactly what I have in my head.)

WHEW! I am gonna be busy! But keeping busy is good. I always tell my kids it keeps me outta trouble!

Happy New Year and make it a great 2014!

Laurie xox