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2013 turned in to a year of lots of blog reading for me… I truly enjoyed so many bloggers and seeing what they were up to and the beautiful things they made. I also enjoyed learning new techniques and found quite a bit of inspiration in other peoples makes. I was challenged and inspired, and choosing just 5 is TOUGH but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway!


1. Gjeometry– I love this lady and her kitty sidekick. (Although maybe Kitty would say that Catja is the sidekick!) The items she has made are divine. I can tell she puts a ton of thought in to every make. Not only does she put thought and care into each and every project, but her posts are stellar and well written. She researches and shares a plethora of knowledge about the garment and what she has done… and I read every word she has crafted! One of my favorite posts this year from her is from The Great Gatsby Sew Along… Read it and you will see what I mean! Not only well written but LOTS of photos! If I could take a moment to gush a little more about Catja? Well, I am going to anyway. I find her to be one of the most supportive bloggers out there. She comments, encourages and helps so many other bloggers! Whenever I think I have found a new blogger to read, invariably I see Gjeometry has been there first and has made a comment. I LOVE that!

2. Handmade by Heather- Heather is such a prolific sewer! I follow Heather on Instagram and she is ALWAYS whipping up some fantastic garment. She must have a closet full of fantastic dresses, jackets and pajama eaters lurking throughout her home. She is a self professed pattern addict, and frankly as a pattern hoarder myself I see nothing wrong with that! (I can also usually hear her shouting for MOAR fabric! Again I find nothing wrong with that!)Β  I love the amount of detail she shares on her blog posts about each garment. She knows her body and makes the necessary changes to a pattern, and shares with the reader everything she did. I am never able to share that much detail and it is one of the things I appreciate about Heather’s blog. Her detail has helped me with makes of my own!

3. Sew Busy Lizzy– Sew Busy Lizzy was one of the first people to comment on my blog over a year ago when I joined the blogging world. I confess I was thrilled someone made a comment… and even more thrilled when I clicked over and saw her blog. She makes the most fantastic beautiful clothes and her pictures are stunning. When I grow up I want my blog to be just like hers! If you have not seen what she does with fabric, patterns and a camera be sure and check out her blog. You too will fall in love!

4. The Amazing Taracat– Taracat is another pretty prolific sewist. She too must have a closet full of dresses. One of the things I LOVE about her is the energy and vibe evident in her blog posts and pictures. If she isn’t dancing she is either sipping beer or off wearing her handmade garment at some fun event. I really enjoy reading about WHERE she is wearing that dress and learning about other places. She lives across the pond which makes it even more fascinating for this American girl. I want to make a list of the places she has been and go have me some fun across the pond too!

5. Sew Dixie Lou– I just love Clare because frankly she seems like an adorable, fun loving, amazing gal… She is a part of the Minerva Blogging Network and her latest “submission” is divine! She makes some pretty terrific outfits and blogs them in a way that makes you want to read more. Her fascination with Elvis, Don from Madmen, Nashville, Dolly Parton and Joan Collins make her a fun read. Honestly, I am pretty sure she “bleeds” fun… I hope to some day share a few IPA’s with this lady!

I want to add that I could only pick 5… I have so many blogs I read and so many fantastic sewists I get to interact with via Twitter, Instagram and more. Social media has made it easy to belong to a virtual world of sewing friends and I love that… So I’d like to mention a few more inspirational sewists- Gillian- (Fun, friendly and makes some really great every day clothing) Lelia-(Awesome costumes and beautiful clothes!) Brooke -(an amazing seamstress she makes things I doubt I would ever tackle), KatieMD– (Super prolific and fabulous sewist), and Anne B– (love her Wearable Wednesday and hilarious posts, and she makes great stuff too!)

I hope some day some of you fine sewists will find inspiration in me! I want to take a bit from each and every one of you and incorporate it in to what I do in 2014… I wanna be prolific, funny, a fantastic photographer, detailed, challenging, fun, a great writer and more. Yep… Not too much to ask right??

Laurie xo