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As I look back at the things I made in 2013 I find there are sadly some items that are definitely never worn. Initially I may have thought I liked them but when you don’t ever choose to remove them from the hangar and put them on your body it must mean something.

I think in the beginning of the year, when I actually made MYSELF something, I got so excited I just started making random things without really thinking about what I was making. I am still not sure why! I chose a few simple items so I could whip them up. Now don’t get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with simple and I totally LOVE the 2 simple Renfrews I finished in December of this year. But I made some things I NEVER wear… and that means they are misses in my book.


1. This skirt is a 90’s pattern- Vogue xxxx. I like the fabric- a nicely flowing challis. I like the length and I like the cut. What I don’t like is the side gathering on the yoke. I don’t even know WHAT I was thinking! I could have left the side gathering off and with MY hippy hips and thighs I did NOT need any gathering in that area. I have considered taking it apart and redoing it but I just don’t think I have the energy! I have NEVER worn this skirt… skirt_floral

2. I like my “David Bowie China Girl” shirt but I never wear it. I like the print but I don’t like that it is a quilting cotton. I do not like the way it feels and I do not like the fact that I feel decidedly plump in the shirt. Yes, I am decidedly plump but I don’t want to feel that way. I think if the shirt had been 2 inches longer it would have worked better. I would still like to make this top and wear it. But I want a chinese looking print in a knit and I want to lengthen it. (can’t find the perfect fabric tho. 😦 ) So this may end up as a refashion. Maybe a tote bag cuz like I said I DO like the fabric… just not on my body!Bowie_Silly

3. I really wanted a great costume to wear to Carnivale this year. But from the beginning things went wrong. I had an idea and theme in my head but when I went shopping I was having no luck finding that “idea.” Mainly the color I wanted was no where to be found. So I compromised what was in my head and some how I ended up with this green and brown. I don’t EVER wear brown. EVER… NEVER…It was a very lovely brown brocade but not for me. And the top besides being pretty cool? You can see my bra straps! I wore this to the Carnivale celebration at my favorite brewery but I was uncomfortable. Thankfully I had a mask on. This year I am making a red and black steampunk inspired dress… hopefully.costume

4. There is nothing wrong with this dress and I like it. But I never wear it. Oddly enough I have not worn a dress that shows my legs in years. I don’t know why. I am pretty sure I used to but somewhere along the way I drifted away from them and now when I think about wearing one I think my legs look weird. So I wear maxi skirts and dresses and slacks and jeans. And that’s it. I am pretty sure my kids have never seen me in a pair of shorts. (I really do not want to frighten them!) I am going to hold on to this dress because like I said I DO like it. I am hoping in 2014 I can get past this weird fear I have of showing my legs and wear it a few times.


5. I hate this shirt. I like the fabric- it is a sweater knit. BUT the cut of this top frankly sucks on my body. It does NOTHING for me! And I thought when I initially made it that I loved it and made 2 more- a dressy black and blue one and a white eyelet one. I have not worn either of those. EVER. I have worn the one below because despite the fact I feel like a dumpling in it it’s quite comfortable. Sighhh… I am probably never going to wear it again though.


And those are my TOP 5 misses. Thankfully I feel like I have learned a lot from my hits and misses. I realize it is like when I used to go shopping for clothes. You know how you just really want to buy those super cute things you know you normally don’t look good in because of the cut or color? So you grab a TON of those items and styles and go and try them all on. And realize when you look in the mirror you were right. No matter how cute they may look on someone else they don’t look good on you. So you drift back to colors and styles that do. That is sort of what I did with my sewing this year. I made some things I HOPED looked good on me despite the fact I had a feeling they wouldn’t. For 2014 I am going back to what I know works with me and my shape. And I am sticking to it!

Laurie xo