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Confession… When I first entered the sewing blog/ twitter/ social media world I saw lots of sewists going on and on about the Sewaholic Renfrew and rolled my eyes. Yes, it is a nice top, but there are LOTS of nice tops out there. And because there is a part of me that does not like to jump on the bandwagon (unless I am one of the first- snicker), I decided I would never buy it. But I kept seeing it and hearing such good things, and because I decided I really needed some well made basics to add to my wardrobe I took the plunge.

Sewaholic Renfrew

I am very happy I did. I love it!

Initially I had this UGLY tannish color FREEBIE fabric I was hoping to use as a wearable muslin. I was going to dye it a prettier color if it looked ok. Well, the first time I tried it on for fit- which was pretty darn good- it itched so much within a minute or 2 I decided I would NOT be wasting dye on it as I would NEVER wear it.

So, I dug around and found 6 yards of this nice black jersey I had and decided to make one for my trip to Texas. A cowl necked one because I was COLD. I started it that evening and was finished within 2 hours. šŸ™‚

I am very happy with it. It is actually PERFECT for me. It is black- which is my “uniform.” When I leave my house, 90% of the time I am wearing black. Black top and blue jeans… Black top and Black slacks… Black top and black skirt. YEP… That’s me. I am gonna get a TON of wear out of this baby! I am double happy because some of my black tops were starting to look a bit ragged after all the washes and wears I was putting them through! Now I have a new black top to add to the rotation! (One I have already worn twice!)

Anyway, here it is.Ā  I would like to mention these are pictures taken in a rush by my 17 year old daughter who decided the tree looked better than me and to make it her focal point despite knowing I wanted pics of my top!


There are a few issues with the pattern I would like mention. (These were MY issues- not to say everyone had them!) I just want to try and be as honest as I can when I do a write up.

The long sleeve- Is BAGGY around the wrist. I need to take about at least an inch in on the wristband piece and taper the sleeve in as well.


The sleeve pattern piece- I was very surprised when I was sewing the sleeves on and I realized the sleeve head did not have a front and a back. In my experience it should? I can fix that though on my next attempt.

The underarm- Wow… I guess ALL my issues have to do with the sleeve! The underarm area seems slightly tight. Possibly due to the fact there is no sleeve front and back? Not sure but I am going to try and fix it on my next one.

Despite my sleeve issues I will be making a ton of these! I LOVE the fit… I love the finish… and I love the way it looks. I will most likely stick to v-necks and cowls as that is what I look good in but I can make all kinds of sleeve lengths depending on the time of year.

Sewaholic Renfrew

Definitely a good, solid basic pattern and one I am happy to have added to my wardrobe! This is the 4th Sewaholic pattern I have purchased. But the first one I have sewn up. Next year I am hopefully going to conquer the Thurlows (insert nervous giggle here). In the Spring I am making my Saltspring dress(Excited about this one). And I have everything for the Robson Coat. SHEESH- I need to get busy on that one!

And that is my Renfrew… Can’t wait to make more- And maybe break out of my “uniform” mode!

Speaking of uniforms these were taken before I left for work… And just for fun I took a pic of my lunchbox. I have a small collection of them and like to use them now and again when I go to the office. Today I carried one of my Beatles boxes. šŸ˜€

Beatles Box

Laurie xo