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Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in the states. It’s a day of thankfulness where we gorge ourselves on turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and all the trimmings with family and friends. In my house I have The Vegan Daughter, the daughter that raised a turkey for FFA during high school and now refuses to eat it, and the daughter whose favorite meal in the whole wide world is turkey and gravy. My son is coming also and I am sure he will just be happy to get a good meal! But it means at my house I get to be creative. I will be preparing LOTS of vegetable dishes (OH how I LOVE roasted veggies!) and making a few recipe adjustments. But I have promised Juliette I will not mess with her turkey and gravy!

thanksgiving feast

I like Thanksgiving well enough, but for me it is a two-fold reason for celebration. I get a fantastic meal and a day with my family, and I get the day off! And the Friday that follows it! A 4 day weekend as a matter of fact. So I have decided to dub the day after Thanksgiving the “Official Day of the WIP” for me. In other words I am going to pull out all of my WIPS that were cast to the side for one reason or another and do my best to finish at least a few of them. 😀

I recently organized my “sewing room” and threw all of my WIPS in a box. Some of my WIPS just need buttons!! Like this pretty pink chiffon blouse. This is Cynthia Rowley 2215. It is a pretty simple button down blouse. I received the fabric from Ann at Pretty Grievances a while ago. I think I will get some good wear from this come spring- once I get those buttons on!

Pink Animal Print Blouse

Cynthia Rowley 2215

I need to finish this coat on WIP Day for 2 reasons. #1- I am having a WIP day and #2- Because I needed to have a coat made for my Sewlution. This coat is 3/4 of the way finished. I just need to put the sleeve lining in and the shoulder pads. Finish off the lining and do the buttons and buttonholes. A few hours is all I need! And being WIP day will be an all day thing I think I am good to go!


I also have this dress. It is lacking buttons and sleeve binding. That’s it! Another one I cast to the side before completely finishing. I think because it is just not me. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the dress and wish I did not feel so silly wearing it- But I do. 😦 Maybe it is the super full skirt. Maybe it is because I don’t normally wear the color. I am not sure! I think I will finish it up, wear it somewhere, take some pics and THEN decide!


If I get these all finished up I have ONE more. A vintage nightgown I started on the other night. I would say I am about half way done!

Vintage Nightgown

That is how I plan on spending my Friday! Then I still have the WHOLE weekend for starting something new! Which, if you are anything like me you are always down for a new project!

How about you? Do you have extra days off for Thanksgiving week? Will you be doing any sewing?