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I am sure that must be an age old question. And one that frankly I still don’t know how to answer. So I was curious how others viewed it and thought I would put it out there for discussion.


I am torn. How many times are you shopping and see the most fabulous piece of fabric and think, “What could I make with that?” Do you buy it and “stash” it hoping the perfect idea formulates or do you pass it by because you “sew with focus” and it’s not on your list?

Do you evaluate your wardrobe and decide you need two new blouses, choose the pattern or patterns you’d like and then go off and find your fabric?

Or maybe you just buy piles of patterns you like, pick one you’d like to make and go find some fabric to use!

Maybe you have PILES and PILES of “stash fabric,” and when you decide to make something you choose from your pile and find a pattern you think will work?


Seems to me there are too many ways to answer this question! And no matter how I argue in the favor of one after a few minutes I am all too ready to jump over to the other side!

For me there is no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I am super focused and want to make a Holiday Dress. I go pattern looking and choose the perfect one. Then I go fabric and notion hunting and make my dress. But there is always that time I have found a pattern I LOVE and looked high and low and not found the correct fabric I had in my head and went with something else altogether.

You ever want to make something you already have the pattern for, search at stores and online and just can’t find the fabric you pictured and end up with 5 new pieces of fabric that you’re gonna make in to something neat?” (Ummm- I am pretty sure I don’t know ANYONE like that…)

I admit that sometimes I wish I only bought what I was going to use. There is a part of me that wants to be super organized and focused in my sewing, have a list, buy only what I need, sew it up and move on to the next project. But most of the time I am so happy I have patterns galore and a nice stash of fabric so I can sew on a whim. Sometimes I actually like that a thought comes to me in the middle of the night- “oh my gosh I just had a vision of the perfect little gingham dress for daughter #2 and I know I have that fabulous piece of fabric just waiting for me!” And I am all set to go. 😀

And having stash means when the budget is tight and I can’t spend I can still sew from what I already have. YAY!

I don’t think I answered the question… I think I just rambled on and on. But I did figure out that this is how I sew:

Scenario #1: The fabric came first.– While browsing through the online fabric stores (with NO intention of buying I am just bored), I see the most GORGEOUS, AWESOME aqua snake skin like jacquard that I MUST have. Ok… Ok… deep breath. What can I make from this? YES! I have that Burda Blazer pattern I bought on sale a few months back. How much fabric do I need? 2.5 yards? Perfect! And it is ON SALE!!!!!! Woo Hoo! OH! And isn’t Jungle January around the corner? Can I use an aqua snakeskin for Jungle January? Well no matter, I HAVE to have this!


Ok… What am I going to wear this blazer with? Dang, I have REALLY been wanting to make Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi.OMG! Wouldn’t this aqua snakeskin blazer look AMAZING over a black jersey knit Mission Maxi???? Please oh please let me find a good black jersey… OMG– They have a black jersey and it is ON SALE TOO! This is the best day ever! (and I order the Maxi dress pattern and 2 new pieces of fabric).  (All three of these items are on the way!)


Scenario #2: The pattern came first.– Today I am going to organize my patterns. Damn I have a LOT of patterns. Why do I keep buying patterns? I am NEVER going to be able to USE all these patterns. Maybe I should try to win the next pattern pyramid so I can give a few away?- but wait, that won’t work cuz I’ll get to add a few to my collection… Ohhhh, I LOVE this this 1940’s vintage nightgown pattern. I HAVE to make this pattern now!!! I remember when I bought this! Ok … Ok… Lets see- I don’t think I have the right piece of fabric to go with this. It really needs to be made from a lovely voile or cotton lawn… and some lace too! Fire up the computer and start looking. OMG- Fabric.com is having a voile sale!!! I am all over that… Look at that aqua cotton voile?! $3.99 a YARD. Geez I can’t pass that up! AND they are having a sale on lace too?! White lace and aqua voile would make the PERFECT vintage nightgown! I am SO excited! And sheesh- as long as I am paying for shipping I may as well order a few other pieces of fabric… He he he…  The ummm …extra fabrics are going in my stash? (This is up after I finish my red denim jacket- all washed and ready to go)


I am pretty sure I have lots of scenarios I could share… But I think I am going to go sew… I have LOTS of projects in my head I’d like to work on. Some I still need just the right fabric for!