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My pattern stash is huge and sometimes I wonder if I will ever get to them all. Okay- I don’t wonder. I know DARN well I will never get to them all and some day someone else will hopefully be enjoying some of those patterns. Because it is a given that my pattern stash will just grow as super cute patterns I can’t live without are released.

That said, I decided to go through my pattern stash and my fabric and gather up my Fall/ Winter plans. I have to admit I get so excited seeing them all stacked up waiting. And I hope I can actually get to them all! But the fact is I probably won’t for a variety of reasons. But the top 2 reasons?

#1- Too little time. I work full time and even though my girls are older I still have mom responsibilities. Which I would not give up for the world as I LOVE being a mom! So if Juliette needs help with her homework I am there for her. If Holly wants me to go see the latest school play she is in I am sure going to be there. And if Kadi is dancing somewhere I am not going to miss it! And then again there is housework, and hanging out with my friends, and blogging and twittering and facebooking! What ever time I have leftover though I WILL be sewing!

#2- Too many plans! I have SO many things I want to sew. And daily I come up with MORE ideas! (I am sure you all suffer from this malady!) Regardless, I am going to do my best to get to them… some day!

Anyway. Here are some of things I have in the works!

A black Anna dress- by Saturday I hope as I want to wear it to Countryfest with my super snazzy new boots. (I have to finish my friends blouse and my daughters dress for Countryfest FIRST though!) This is terrible lighting but I wanted you to see there is a pattern- The fabric is a solid black knit other than those slightly raised roses.


A red denim jacket- In a perfect world I would have this done by Saturday too… BUT realistically? Well, It IS Friday. So, I will leave it at that! Either way it HAS to be done by the end of October- for #RedOctober 🙂


A cotton voile and lace vintage nightgown- Despite the fact it is now Fall and this is more of a spring/ summer nightgown I CAN’T wait and am going to make it within the next month. This is a beautiful aqua cotton voile- very soft. It will be a bit wrinkly but I don’t care!


A red plaid dress- This is a silk cotton blend red plaid. I am beyond excited to make this. It will be my holiday dress. I have not made myself a holiday dress in… well- never. I always made the girls clothes and never me. 🙂 This year I get red plaid! And SILK! (My first silk make!)


Olive and black sweater knit made into the Sol Hoodie. I LOVE LOVE this pattern by Jamie Christina. I have already made 2 out of ponte knit that I need to blog. Now I want to try making it out of a sweater knit. 🙂


Batman Kindle cover- I LOVE Batman. (It was my first word as a matter of fact) And I need a Kindle cover- so why not? 😀


2 long sleeved striped knit tops- One for me and one for Juliette. I made this top before and it was awesome! So awesome that Juliette stole it from me. (nothing really new in that- she is always stealing everyone’s clothes. Must be nice to be the baby of the family!)


Lilac gabardine Robson trench- Oh yeah… I am gonna make me a trench coat! Sorry about the messy looking photo- getting this at the right angle to show the color at it truest was a challenge! This is pretty close but I think it is a tad lighter.


And I have all these patterns that I would LIKE to get to- But that I don’t have the perfect fabric for yet… So, we shall see!


Disclaimer- I reserve the right to change my mind… add other projects… subtract projects… make something different than I originally planned and overall make a new plan if I so desire. But I think these are pretty set in stone! Although, I WILL most likely find another project that MUST be done and that’s ok too!

Now that I have written my disclaimer, I would like to throw out there that I would LOVE to participate in the Sew Bossy Initiative if anyone is so inclined. (Just let me know in the comments) I have not been on Twitter enough to grab a partner and I have seen a lot of people already team up… I would love to participate as I think it sounds like fun!

I have some more makes to blog and they will hopefully be up soon. Picture taking can be agony though! Take care my friends…