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I would first like to start out and just thank everyone again who entered for reading Sew Exhausted and thank you all for all the wonderful comments! I have enjoyed reading every single one of them. They sure make me smile! πŸ™‚

And now to the good stuff…

I wanted to rent out Catja’s kitty but he seems to be booked pretty solidly so I asked my eldest daughter Kadi if her birds- Akua and Milo would like to play along.

Meet Milo…


This is when he was a baby. He was only 2 and a half months old! (He was still in the store in Texas where Kadi fell in love with him and HAD to bring him home!) Milo is a sweetie!


And Akua has been with us a few months longer. She is about a year old and Kadi adopted her from another family. She is a brightly colored conure!


And here are some pics of Akua and her mommy!


ANYWAY… I bet you are ready to see who our little birdies chose!?



I actually was very concerned about getting them to WANT to play along but she had a very clever idea. A and M LOVE sunflower seeds. So we took pieces of paper and wrote the name of everyone who wanted to enter on a piece of paper. Then we set them all out in a neat circle with a sunflower seed on top. (I did not set in any order or know who was where. I just randomly set them down!)


If you had just commented without choosing a number you were eligible for all 4. Otherwise if a # was stated it went to that person- (hope that makes sense!)

At first they just sat there… Then Akua tried to “escape” the circle. We put her back and after a minute or 2 they realized there were SEEDS there! πŸ˜€

And here are our winners…


Giveaway #1 The winner is Anne W! Anne takes home the lovely floral fabric and the pattern size of her choice!


Giveaway #2Β  The winner is KSGentry! Three fabulous patterns to add to her collection!


Giveaway #3 The Winner is ElaineOC. Another three patterns! Hope you can use them!


Giveaway #4Β  The Winner is Kim! I am excited to see what you decide to do with this!


CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!!! And thank you to EVERYONE who entered! I really wanted to send you ALL something! If you could either DM me your address on TWITTER (SewExhausted) OR email me sewexhausted@ g mail I will get your sewing swag in the mail. πŸ™‚

I am thinking Milo and Akua are very pleased with themselves…