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Laurie here… again… finally… My week off was wonderful. How could a week off not be? I relaxed, I walked, I sewed, I hiked, I sewed, I went to the beach, I sewed, I watched Justified and Suits and the rest of my Fringe episodes, I sewed, I ate Paleo foods all week, and I sewed… πŸ™‚ I did not want to return to work EVER! But alas, no one else will pay the bills so I HAD to go back to work.

Paleo Food

Here is just a sampling of what I ate all week. I felt really good so I have actually continued eating like this. Paleo is EASY! Fruits and vegetables- preferably organic, and grain fed free range meats. It is also called “The Caveman” diet. I am finishing up week 4! (The tomatoes in the lower right are from my garden. πŸ™‚ )

I invited Kerrielee over to sew and she showed up for several of those fun filled days. Hopefully she will blog her makes soon! I should NOT be blogging mine… because… well… they aren’t QUITE complete!! For some reason- after I completely finished the skirt- I never fully completed the items I was working on!


The first project I started on I actually completed. This great skirt (90’s era!) with a lovely challis. Oooo, I love challis. I love the way it flows and I really enjoy working with it. I like the skirt a lot. The gathering on the sides of the yoke though add a bit of fluffyness I could really do without. But I think I have a fix for that. I am looking for a solid purple to make a blouse and then I can throw a black sweater over it. I think the hardest thing will be finding that solid purple to match. Seems like whenever I want to match something it turns in to a difficult process.


The rest of my projects? I am not sure what came over me. I STOPPED before they were finished! Why? I would like to say I did not find the perfect buttons. (In actuality I didn’t find the buttons I had in my head BUT I did get buttons.) So the truth is, I had buttons to put on… but… well… they just have not made it yet!


I made this super great little blouse out of a piece of fabric from the oh so special Anne at Pretty Grievances. I used Simplicity 2215- a Cynthia Rowley design. (Kerrielee has made the dress for her daughter and it is CUTE!) This fabric is a chiffon type so I sprayed it with starch and ironed prior to cutting and sewing. It makes it so much easier and I highly recommend you do so when you struggle with slippery fabric! The below pic is closer to the actual color of the fabric. I really really like it- and I don’t normally wear pink! One thing though- gotta add the buttons so I can wear it!


So, I skipped the buttons and started making my coat. You remember the adorable coat pattern I mentioned in my last post that I got from Katie atΒ Kadiddlehopper.Β Sigh… Also unfinished. I think that MAY because it is summer? Or, because I still have to find the right buttons? Or maybe I am just making excuses here and I was just “not in the mood?” But here it is in it’s unfinished glory…


I actually have the lining in now- and just need to hand stitch the sleeve lining in. Then add the buttons. Look at the BACK! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the back of this coat. It also has a “kick pleat” (not sure what you call it on a coat) that I have not un stitched yet…


I promise when I finish I will take GOOD pics on me- so you can see the pleat, the lilac lining, and the buttons I end up with. (You think I should go with black buttons or cover my own?) I want to wear this coat with a hat.. yep- my kids are gonna die but I am going to do it anyway. A cloche hat I think- like this only in black!


Two unfinished items! Only, ummm… I am not done yet. I am ALMOST finished with my Vogue 8577. Let me just say these pictures do not do it justice. It is a FABULOUS dress! It has LOADS of pattern pieces and I almost put them all back in the envelope but decided that was silly. I am on vacation! I have LOTS of time!

Khaki_dress-9This dress is FULLY lined. That means it was like cutting out TWO dresses … and all those pattern pieces! I lined it with a red broadcloth. The “khaki” is a broadcloth as well with a touch of stretch. I can’t remember where I got it but it is perfect for this dress. (Other than the fact I will have to iron it!) This one gets RED buttons… and red shoes. πŸ˜€


All I could think of when I turned this wrong side out was if I had used RED as the facing the dress would have practically been reversible! What’s left to do? The armhole finishing and … the buttons. Sigh… Again, well, when I finish I will photograph it!

I made 2 simple knit dresses for Kerrielee’s daughter and my youngest. But they are not photographed. And I managed ANOTHER pair of hip hop pants for my eldest daughter. Overall it was a pretty decent sewing week.

I also went to the beach and kicked my feet up and read a good book… This is Moonlight Beach… And there was a dolphin pod frolicking around out there!


Saw the Minion Blimp…


Minion Blimp over Oceanside Pier

Early morning walk…

PicMonkey Collage

Overall, a fabulous week off… Now I need another so I can FINISH what I started!