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I am a studied contradiction when it comes to style. Currently, I don’t consider myself to be very stylish OR have a style of my own. I want one! Honestly, I LOVE clothes. I would like a closet full of them. Up until now though, I have never really focused on it.

*(I googled SLOB Images and basically came up with heavy older men in wife beater shirts with a beer in their hand so decided NOT to add a sloppy, fashionless pic here- but you get the idea right?)

I am not even close to being stylish, not for lack of desire- more for lack of cash AND because I have been in that era of my life where I was focusing on other things. Like my kids and surviving! I had a brief few years where I worked in retail. Millers Outpost (The Fashion Answer at that time- lol), I was single and 18, and a nice chunk of my money could go to dressing myself. Alas, it didn’t last long because I was married a few years later and welcoming child number one. My brief spell of shopping and wearing cute clothes was over for me. And never lasted long enough to develop ANY sense of style really.

Meand CaseyKadi

Well, my kids are all practically grown up (here is me with the 2 eldest), I have started sewing again, and I WANT a wardrobe. I want a stylish, fun, classy, wild wardrobe. Not black on black or black on denim which is what most of my wardrobe consists of.

And if you noted the adjectives I used to describe the dream contents of my closet you may see one of my problems.

The fact is I cannot determine my “style.” I cannot figure out what I should focus on and frankly where I should even begin! Two things I DO know.

1. As I pledged to NOT buy ready made cheap clothing (or even ready made expensive clothing!), I have to MAKE this “stylish, fun, classy, wild wardrobe.” (Or thrift it!)

2. AND, I need to figure out WHAT my closet is going to be filled with. And that seems to be my biggest issue!


To accomplish this I started combing the internet. (Key words- Stylish women over 40… What not to wear at 45…. etc) I DO know what I like. But now that I am in my later 40’s (cringe), can I still sport some of those styles I am attracted to? There are so many young looking clothes out there that are FAB but should just be worn by my oh so beautiful, cute, trendy daughters. Not me. 😦 Frankly, I think the above picture pretty much shouts- LAURIE- Do NOT wear this! The below picture? Ooo- I  LOVE the skirt! But I should stay away from the midriff baring lace top. :/


Sigh. Super big Sigh… Waiting for “my day” means I have missed out on a lot. But I am not ready for polyester elastic -waisted pants and track suits. (Hey! Are black velour “track suits” still in fashion?)

Question for you– Can I have an eclectic wardrobe? If I bounce from Romantic Country to Bohemian to Classy to an edgy (but classy) rocker chick look, can I even say I am developing a style? It seems to me that when you google a person, they tend to be typically dressed in a “look” that suits them. (good plan of course! I want everything I wear to suit me!) And they are ALWAYS in that same look.


But oh! I crave to dress like Stevie Nicks some days. I just adore her free wheeling, lacy, flowing, old fashioned bohemian style. On the other hand I have always adored Jaclyn Smith’s style. Clean, crisp, classic and she is so gorgeous it all looks amazing on her!


How about Country. Lately I am lusting after boots. I would love to own 4-5 pairs. A basic black cowboy boot, a brown suede pair and a fancy pair of wild and colorful ones. (Not to mention a classic pair of black knee high ones too!)


And Rocker Chic. Wanna know a secret? I OWN a pair of biker boots. Black Harley Davidson’s… I feel quite awesome when I put those on with a pair of jeans. Can’t you just see a flowy romantic blouse like this with a rockin’ pair of biker boots and jeans?  OR, should I put away the boots and white lace so I don’t become a cliche. I do NOT want to be a cliche or ever on an episode of “What Not to Wear.”


What about when I want to don a Madmen style dress… or imagine myself in a Steam Punk Skirt or Edwardian blouse? I LOVE those looks too! Isn’t that velvet coat and blouse amazing?!


After writing all this down and combing Pinterest and numerous style blogs and images on the net, I am starting to think my Style is not only eclectic but discombobulated. SHOULD I be wearing a white eyelet country skirt with a pair of boots, or a black top hat and steam punk skirt? Maybe I SHOULD stick to velour track suits?

Well sheesh- I don’t know. BUT I think I want to FIND OUT!

My biggest quandary? How the heck am I going to mix all the above styles to make a style of my own that flatters me and makes me feel great? Can I rock a boucle navy jacket with a white chiffon shell, slacks and spectator pumps one day and a bohemian maxi dress the next?


And even MORE of a quandary? Can I SEW all of this? Where do I start? Not sure yet, but I am going to embark on “My Style Adventure.” Because I need to, and want to. After all, we only have one life to live, and after neglecting that side of me for so long, I wanna get out there and create really cool clothes. Clothes I can wear, and feel good in. Clothes that can fill my closet with awesomeness. AND clothes that will fit my every mood and whimsy! And frankly, if we have just one life I wanna enjoy the rest of it feeling good about myself!

Hahahahaha- I crack myself up sometimes… BUT I AM going to do it. I am going to do my best to sew some classic basics and then start adding in some of the wild fun things I want to wear. And I will keep you posted on my progress!

Take care peeps. I apologize for the break I have taken. Work, life, and several other things have knocked me a bit off the path BUT I am getting back on it and hope to be able to share this latest adventure with you…I have missed you all and will probably need to read 2 months worth of blog posts from each and every one of you to catch up on what you are doing!