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(Kerrielee) Man it’s been awhile! It’s almost like I’ve have dropped off the face of the Earth! I have missed you all so much, reading your blogs, seeing what you have all been up to, BUT I am back!

I have been sewing this month, not as much as I would have liked. The first whole week in May I did not sew a single thing! (GASP, horrible I know) You know sometimes you just don’t feel like it!

But instead of focusing on all the negative this month,(not blogging, totally flaking on me–made-may) I am just going to jump right back in and let you all know what I have going on.

First, for me, how much I can sew really has to do with how I am keeping up on my house. When it’s a mess I have such a hard time focusing on my sewing, probably because of guilt….why should I be sewing when my house is such a mess!? So, at the beginning of the month I said “self, you will clean for at least 2 hours each day!” (Plus just the general pick up you have to do throughout the day and evening, oh and those never ending dishes and laundry!) Now mind you, there are 8 people living in my house, so we can generate a lot of mess, plus I think sewing in itself just makes things look messy, all that thread and fabric scraps laying around! So 2 hours a day really does not get that much done, but it has kept the bathrooms clean, floor clean, living room picked up and vacuumed, my room, and the little boys room cleaned. So the main areas of my house should look nice at anytime if someone drops by. All of those things take 1- 1 1/2 hrs, depending on if I have not quite gotten in the full 2 hours each day (you know life does come up sometimes). On the days that I do have extra time, I pick one of the projects I hate, wiping down the cupboards and walls, windows, dusting, decluttering, cleaning out closets…you know those fun things! All in all, this has been going pretty well and I am sure at any point now the other 7 people in my house are going to catch on 🙂

Now that I have a pretty good handle on that, I think I am ready to get back at hanging out with the blogging world!

Here are a few of the projects I have in the works for the next week or two…..

Shirt for Eleena for one of her dance numbers. This has to be done by Sunday!


Here is another flip flop quilt I am working on in bright colors. I would like to be done by the end of May so it can count as my quilt for the month!

IMAG0363Leggings for a friends daughter. These also must be done by Sunday (picture day at the dance studio!)

IMAG0366The same little girl with the leggings asked me to make her a dress for her 5th grade promotion ceremony. I have till the 6th to get this done!

IMAG0367And then I have a dress for me and skirt for Eleena…just for fun!

IMAG0364           IMAG0368 (1)Looks like I have a lot to do. Maybe you all will get to see some finished projects soon!

Happy Sewing