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We did it. Not to the extent we would have liked BUT we have a nice start on refilling those “drawers” for Spring. In total Kerrielee made 8 pairs of knickers and I made 7. I confess I was imagining 21 pairs… but alas, I did not even figure out my sewing machine settings until mid month. I was in complete and utter despair after my first pair was completed. They were a MESS! My zigzag does NOT like knits and was constantly skipping stitches. Instead of being the researching sewist I should be I put the machine on straight stitch and made them that way. And it worked! And they still had enough stretch! YAY!

For my foray in to panty making I used SozoWhatDoYouKnow’s pattern and really liked it a lot. It was easy and quick and the fit was great! Side note- even though I have an overlock machine I did not use it!) My first pair was this one. Yes! I have a matching skirt… LOL… I just wanted to use up my scraps and this knit has such a soft feel and a nice amount of stretch.  And anyway, who doesn’t want a paisley pair of knickers trimmed in orange??!!


I left that pair half done forever- what I am not showing you is that one leg has been finished with a messy zig zag stitch- and the other leg is my nice neat straight stitch. I suppose I SHOULD take out the zig zag and re do it… But I don’t wanna!


All in all I highly recommend this pattern! It is free for you to use! (And you can even buy her a cup of coffee in thanks!)

Kerrielee used the Cloth Habit Rosy Lady Shorts pattern.


This pair was also quick and simple to make. They are comfy and “stay where they are supposed to stay” if you get my meaning! (Nothing worse than a pair of undies that journeys to places it should not be! 😉 )


And check out this striped pair. (SoZo’s pattern) Kerrie has a matching top- another “scrap” that didn’t go to waste!

All in all, although we wanted MORE, we are happy with what we got made. Pretty much one Saturday and we each had 6 new pairs in pretty prints and laces! And we spent a whole lot less than we would have if we had gone shopping instead. We will both make more. From now on when there is a leftover scrap from a worthy knit, it will be made in to a pair of undies!


Speaking of Saturdays, and sewing… Look at our HOURS total for APRIL!!! I made it! 102.5!! And Kerrielee- well she put up a valiant effort and in all honesty she accomplished something greater than me. She has so much more to do every day with those 5 kids, caring for her mother (which currently includes pic lines and administering meds after her recent surgery), and cooking meals and a hubby… She ended up at 92! Very impressive and my hat is off to her. (I better step up my game!) We will blog about our HOURS challenge and share with you all the grand stuff we made in a few days! 🙂 And Guess what- We are gonna do it again for MAY!

Take care friends and happy sewing! ~Laurie and Kerrielee