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I’m a mess without my… little china girl
Wake up mornings, where’s my… little china girl…



The song China Girl was on the album Let’s Dance– released in 1983- and not necessarily my favorite DB album, but because it was released my Senior year of High School, it had quite an impact. We always seem to remember those really stand out years- I was 17… I had moved and was at a different high school… so most of my days after school (and I was out before lunch!) were not spent with friends, they were spent watching soap operas at home and listening to music. Remember MTV? Haha- well, MTV is still around but the format is way different! I feel like every time I had it on I was treated to David Bowie or Billy Idol!

I chose this because, I really like the look of the Asian style tops and had wanted to make one anyway. Probably not as creative as some of the other amazing things I have seen come out of the Bowie Challenge BUT I am happy with it, and will wear it.


I bought fabric for this- a turquoise brocade but then I found this in my stash- and decided to use it instead. I just loved the fabric. It is a cotton- probably a quilting cotton to be honest but I did not care. I used a New Look Pattern… I am glad I used the cotton instead of the brocade which was a bit more expensive. The fit is a little off so this can be my “wearable muslin!”Β  I would add some darts. There is one set BUT I think it needs to be a little more fitted. It sort of just “hangs”… Other than that, I like it. And every time I wear it I will think of David. Can’t be all bad! πŸ˜‰


My attempt at “Oh baby just you shut your mouth…” (Can you hear that voice? I CAN!- sighhhh)

I actually am looking for an Asian print knit– I want to make it in a knit, with some black comfy crops for sleeping. I think I would feel very stylish padding around the house in some David Bowie/.China Girl inspired jammies!

Thank you Tempest… I had loads of fun keeping up with your David Bowie tidbits, videos, and the incredible compilation of “All Things David Bowie” you put together. It was great fun!Bowie_ChinaGirl