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As promised, here is March Round Up… The things we got finished during the month of March! It is Part One because, well, we are terrible at pictures and there is more. BUT there may never be a Part 2- if we don’t do the photograph thing! We are trying to work out a “Photography Plan,” but it is so difficult. We don’t want to waste Saturday Sewing Time taking pics!

Here are a few of the items Kerrielee completed. Eleena was a lucky young lady in March! Look at some of her new outfits!


The larger photo is Kerrie and Eleena in their Easter dresses. Aren’t they pretty?! The floral print one was not even on Kerrie’s list- she cut it out a while back, but with some time on her hands she snagged it out of her stash and had it finished in a few hours. It is a pretty floral knit and I think she looks great! Such springy colors! Eleenas dress is a cotton, grey and pink with a small floral print. At this point in Eleena’s life EVERYTHING must be pink or have some pink! And there is nothing wrong with that!

In the small photos is a striped knit top Kerrie pattern tested for, with the skirt at the bottom also part of her weekend of pattern testing for GoToPatterns.com. That was a BUSY weekend for Kerrie but she still got them finished! The white outfit is a Dance Costume for Eleenas solo. Yes, she is also a dancer! 🙂 And another little sun dress for E! Like I said- great month for Eleena in the clothing department!

And here are a few of my projects. Just a few as I too am guilty of not photographing my projects!March_Collage Aren’t the little “Carwash” costumes adorable? Ok- It is the sweet little girls that are adorable! I made my girlies some aprons from my stash. Now I hope they get the hint and spend some time in the kitchen. And I made myself a long skirt from a great knit I bought from Fabric Mart. I also made a matching green dolman sleeve top. (From the same fabric I put on the waistband!)

We have a great start to our goal of 100 hours. YAY! And I just finished photographing my Bowie inspired top and Holly’s pretty Spring dress.

And remember Kerrielee and I are hosting a “Panty Parade” this month. Watch for those undie posts – Thursday night we will be making several pairs! We shared a few free patterns here

Happy Sewing!