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Hallooo friends…

Well, I have returned from Oregon– A little early due to the demise of my daughters parrot- which broke her heart. Aussie was a wonderful member of our family and I will miss seeing him perched on Kadi’s head, squawking every time I take the blow dryer out, trying to sneak under the bathroom door when I take a shower, and welcoming us home.


We did send him off in style… A brand new pot, messages, his fave snacks for his journey, and a beautiful blue hibiscus tree… (That is him just asleep btw!) Oh, and we played Somewhere Over the Rainbow for him too…


Anyway, Now I am BACK! And I need to get back in to the groove. So, last night I organized some of my “stuff” and found I definitely have some things to finish up and some things I better get started on! Here is what I have coming up- and by hook or by crook, some way some how, I am going to get these done! Before March is OVER!

spring7 spring4I am FINISHING this darn Polka Dot Frock FIRST no matter what! I have sleeves, neck and hemming… And because it needs a slip and I decided NOT to line it- I am making a blue slip to go underneath- πŸ™‚

spring3This skirt is one I started on before I left for Oregon- I just need to do the waistband, zipper and hem… I made the longer version. I LOVE long skirts!

spring2I WILL finish these 2 pairs of hip hop pants– black ones are Kadi’s and the brown ones are Juliette’s.

SpringDressI would like to get this made for Holly for Easter– Do you think I am pushing it now?? FOCUS Laurie!!

spring6This is my Sew For Victory pattern. I found it in the UK and HAVE to make this by April 1st. I LOVE this pattern and wanted some blouses so it seemed a no brainer. But now I can’t decide if I should make the long sleeve version with the 3 button cuffs or the most awesome sleeve version in View 3. I watched Romance on the High Seas with Doris Day and she had an aqua blouse on with those fab sleeves. Hers had buttons in the back but OH I fell in love with it! Guess I better decide quickly! Thoughts?

Sighhhh… One of my biggest problems is I have Sewing ADD… I have so many things I want to make, and I am constantly coming up with “OH, I want to make that” and so I get sidetracked. I hope I can follow my “rest of” March plan!

But I better get busy!!!!