A day late! Our apologies. I am on vacation in Oregon… living it up with my mama, visiting vineyards and drinking wine, watching HOURS of North and South and Doris Day movies, and having loads of fun and relaxation (no kids!) and Kerrielee gets easily sidetracked with all those kiddies of hers.


But this morning, Kerrielee took the few names that had entered and wrote them on a piece of paper and had her youngest draw the winning name. (Isn’t he cute? And doesn’t he look THRILLED to be the one in charge of choosing the winner!?)

And he chose:


YAY!!!! Winner! Congrats to Laura! So happy to be sending the Wellington Pattern Pyramid on to you… Send us your address- sewexhausted@gmail.com, and in between chasing kids around Kerrielee will pop the patterns in the post. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!


And as a refresher- here is what is on it’s way- PLUS the ones we added:


Congrats again!!

~Laurie and Kerrielee