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I am severely lagging in my Wellington Pattern post and bestow upon you all my most humblest apologies!

A week ago the well traveled patterns and a few extra goodies arrived from Pretty Grievances. Thank you Anne!


And because Kerrielee and I each wanted a different pattern, and got in a knock down drag out fight over which one we would keep, we each took one!


The dress for me, and the blouse for Kerrielee!

And because our mommies taught us to share, the LOVELY, oh so beautiful and luxuriously sheer piece of fabric Anne generously added to the package will be used by both of us. As a matter of fact Kerrielee is going to use the above blouse pattern on her half! Thank you, Thank you Anne! We LOVE the fabric!


We added 2 patterns EACH to the Pyramid. (Aren’t we awesome!)


If you would like to be the next receiver of the Pattern Pyramid (and you know you do!) leave a bribe comment below and we will have a drawing to see where the pyramid will travel to next!

We will draw in one week!!! (Tuesday the 13th)

~Laurie and Kerrielee

If you are interested in the Pyramids origins- here is where it all began!