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Kerrielee and I have been focusing on getting more sewing in together each week- because we all know sewing with a pal can be more fun! Or at least WE think so! Kerrielee and I are cousins and although I am a few years older (JUST A FEW OF COURSE!) we have gotten along extremely well forever! As a matter of fact I would venture to say we are as close as sisters. πŸ™‚

We have sewn together off and on for years- and used to sew every Saturday. Then we had a few years of nothing and in the last few months we have hit the ground running with our sewing again. And along with Saturday, we added Thursday, which we now call Drink and Sew Thursday! We make an easy meal so all the kids are fed, and we have drinks.. and sew. This last week we had some beer. It WAS Valentines Day and I had found a nice “My Bloody Valentine Ale” from Alesmith, a local Craft Brewery. It was delish… And we followed it up with a Stone Cali-Belgique. (One of my faves and also another local Brewery)


Oh, and Kerrie and I LOVE Hot Wings but Kerrie is now a vegetarian, so we eat Hot Wing Cauliflower. SOOOOOO yummy!


Now I bet you all are wondering if we actually get anything done. And the answer is YES! I made a new top and a pair of hip hop pants for Kadi, and Kerrielee made a new skirt. Kerrie has more little ones running around so gets pulled away a little more often than I. But isn’t that skirt darn cute? It is New Look 6165. I need to get myself that pattern.



burnout2editI like this pattern. It is Vogue 8792 although I made a few changes, (I ignored the extra piece and made the front as one piece) and I really like the burnout. I used a red tank under it, but can switch up the color! πŸ™‚ I am going to make myself another. As I am on the seamless pledge I am thinking I will make some shorter sleeve ones for summer in some nice solid knits.

It can be complete chaos. The baby is at that age where he likes to run around nekkid. Kids get hungry or thirsty. But it’s fun and we are together, and we get stuff done. So, we will continue with our Drink and Sew Thursday.

So, remember- Thursday is Drink and Sew Thursday… and Saturday- well we are going to call it Stitch and Bitch! Yesterday, we worked on our costumes for Carnivale for 12 hours!! And still had time to enjoy fish tacos and a few drinks. You are all welcome to join us if you ever feel inclined! πŸ˜€