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I notice something new creeping in to my sewing. Something I am not used to BUT something I am having a great time doing. After all these years it is All About MeSelfish Sewing! Bring it on.


I will be honest. I stopped wanting to sew for myself ages ago. Pretty much after baby #2- who is so not a baby anymore. The reason? Well, I figured I would be really honest about it- and the major reason is weight gain. I did not like the way I looked. And I ESPECIALLY did not want to see any pictures of myself. But ever since my Jungle January Jammies I have been expanding my sewing from quilting and sewing for my girls to sewing for MOI. And I am having a pretty nice time doing so.


My latest “thing” is ITY Jersey Knits. It was the fabric I made Kadi’s Hip Hop pants with, and I fell in love with the feel, the drape, and the simplicity of the fabric. (I can shove this dress in to a suitcase and pull it out wrinkle free and ready to wear. It is also a pure delight to work with!

I bought my Jersey knits at Fabric Mart. On sale. At $3 per yard. Cha Ching! That means this dress cost me $9.


I used Vogue 8489 and I will use it again. Because I love the fit, the cut is flattering, and I sewed it up in one evening. The neckline is EXTREMELY low cut. As a matter of fact, when I initially put it on for pictures I forgot my cami top and Kadi was alarmed. She informed me I could not go out like that. (Ohh how the tables have turned!) I told her the movie stars did it all the time and she gently reminded me I was NOT a movie star- Siggghhh)


Anyway, I am going to make myself another one. I bought a deep dark cherry red solid ITY Jersey Knit from Fabric Mart the other day. YAY! (Another $9 dollars well spent).

My final thoughts? I am not completely happy with myself at this time- I am walking and eating right and actively trying to lose some weight. BUT for the first time in a long time I am enjoying wearing clothes- clothes made by me! And just like Maria sang in Westside Story, “I feel pretty.”