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Forgive me friends… It’s been 8 days since my last post. I REALLY wanted to do better than that this year- truly. Some of you are soooo prolific and I enjoy reading everything you are up to. But I have been swamped with “joyless” sewing. You know – those things you HAVE to do. And that sort of (ok- NOT sort of- most definitely) takes the fun out of sewing.

I wanted to add a picture of a grumpy/ angry/ unhappy sewist but when I googled it I just discovered there was some horror movie out called “The Seamstress.” I think I missed that one? And I do NOT want to frighten you so I will not post the image that came up with it. (Sewing needle nails- that’s all I gotta say!)


Both Kerrielee and I have been sewing costumes for the dance studio our girls dance at. First the circle skirts (SIX of them), then the booty shorts and tops. Kerrie has more on her plate with alterations and making duo costumes. (She even DYED the lace to match the fabric of one!) I still have 6 little “carwash” overalls to make but thankfully those don’t need to be finished until next month, which means I don’t need to start right now. (LOL)

LeotardSee that awesome purple dyed lace Kerrielee made?

Next week, we WILL be sewing our Carnivale costumes. And frankly folks, THAT is exciting! Kerrielee is going to make a mermaid dress… and I am just going to be some chick in a fancy royal blue dress and mask. šŸ˜‰


We have more going on- but frankly I am working at a conference, and Kerrielee is madly finishing costumes so I am going to save that for another day!

Have a great and productive weekend and I promise to post soon!