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Yes! that’s me…the procrastinator! I like to blame it mostly on the kids, you all know I have 5 right!?

For the last week we have all known that January will be ending here shortly, so Laurie has been gently nudging me each day to finish my Jungle January project. I would respond, “I don’t need to have it done until the 30th right!?”. “Yes, Kerrielee, but it would be nice if you could be done and we could blog about it before then.” (YouΒ  can go check more Jungle January madness over at Anne’s blog)

So last night my husband took the boys to see WWE Smackdown. My 10 year old’s fav, but the other boys like it as well. Here they are having a great time. My eldest Erik is in the middle, Ethaniel (10 year old) is to the leftΒ  and his BFF Max, to the right. Who knows where the other kid is!

WWE Erik, Ethaniel, Max

SO…since he had 3 boys, Eleena was at dance until 9, I only had the baby( Emmett, he is almost 2, so I guess not really quite a baby anymore, but the baby in our house) and no excuses not to work on my project.

After rummaging through my fabric stash a few weeks ago, I found a few animal prints along with an all over jungle animal print, all in flannels. I figured I could either make pj’s or a quilt. Since I had yet to make a quilt for Emmett, I decided that was what I was going to do. I had started it all a few weeks ago, so last night I just needed to baste it all together, quilt it and binding. Between a little couch cuddling and dinner I had it all done by 10pm! Not too shabby.

I still feel like it needs something, maybe a few appliqued circles in the bright colors from the polka dot fabric? We will see, it will probably stay as is! I do love the “braided” border and his name appliqued on the quilt, and I think once I get it washed and it softens up he will spend much time cuddling with it on the couch!

Emmett's Quilt

Well I am done and now excited to get going on our next challenges. We are doing DaGMT 2013 with Quilting Hottie and Polka dot Frock Fest, but don’t expect to see any progress from me until the end of February!

Until next time Happy Sewing! ~K