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JungleKadiGrowlThis next batch of Jungle Madness (BTW Anne, Thanks for encouraging us all to bring out our inner “beast” with Jungle January!) has been complete for a week or 2, but, Kadi is so particular about pictures she would not let me post. She actually wanted me to hike out with her into the nether regions and take pics amidst the rocks and wilderness! Ummmm… really? Well, January is almost over so I had to give her a little nudge. And despite the rain she dragged her baby sis out to do some photos. (I was gorging myself at the buffet at the casino with some friends so not available to play the part of photographer!) Anyway- she found her nether regions and ended up with 193 awesome photos! It was difficult to choose!


Now we have gotten various responses to these pants- some good and some not so polite- but I think it is important to know that Kadi is a dancer. She dances all styles from Ballet and Tap to Hip Hop and some Break Dancing, and teaches Contemporary dance and Hip Hop at 2 studios. And she LOVES these pants for movement and style. And frankly- she is YOUNG. She can carry these babies off and rock them!


I made her 2 pairs. (See the different prints?) We found the fabric at Fabric Mart and snapped it up on sale. They are both 4 way stretch jersey prints. They feel wonderful and are perfect for these pants. This pattern was drafted by me to her specifications, and was pretty simple! She wants 12 more pairs… lol…

After the pants for Kadi, I made this little number for Holly. I have had this fabric scrap for 13 years. I made a skirt out of this for Kadi when she was 7- and it had fringe. πŸ˜€ I REALLY wanted to add fringe for Holly but alas I wanted her to wear it, not just stare at it! I wish you could touch this fabric. The black is actually raised and soft to the touch. Fabric that will delight your senses! Holly did not want to go outside for her photos so we took them inside where it was warm!


Last night, my girls and I, joined Kerrielee and her daughter and a few little friends in going to see the Disney Princesses on Ice. Kerrielee whipped up 3 princess bubble skirts for the younger ones to wear. She offered to make my 3 daughters a princess bubble skirt but they respectfully declined. (I wish I was offered a Princess Bubble skirt– sighhhh)


We had a great time and here are the girls in all their cuteness!

Stay tuned for Jungle Madness #3… Kerrielee’s quilt should be ready any day now!

See ya soon!


Photography by Juliette Hull- (you did awesome!)