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OK- OK- Not to a flag- But I am pledging to go Seamless!


I, Laurie, being of sound mind and body, am taking the “Seamless Pledge.” If you read about clothing you will find that a lot of the stuff we buy is “junk.”

“Cheap fashion has set a trap for us, where retailers like H&M, Target, Old Navy, and Forever 21 lure us into stores on a continuous basis to keep their profits up. Americans are hooked on buying 20.5 billion garments a year or 68 garments and 8 pairs of shoes per person, and the fashion industry’s enormous environmental footprint is growing by the year. We nurture our overconsumption by expecting our style icons to wear something new every single day. Marie Antoinette was rumored to never wear the same thing twice, but she didn’t live in an age of overpopulation, strained environmental resources, and out-of-control consumption.” – Elizabeth L. Cline, The Good Closet

And what about who MAKES those clothes!? It is a vicious circle if you ask me. Can you IMAGINE? Just AMERICANS buy 20.5 billion garments a year! So, to start out I am not going to buy anything new (other than undergarments and shoes!) for the next 6 months. I may go longer! But for now- I will sew my own clothing, and I will thrift quality clothing. When I sew it fits ME! And I know every Tina, Donna and Henrietta isn’t sporting the same thing!

Anyway- the fact is I have heard about it- but Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow has pushed me over the edge and I have decided to join the madness. I mean sanity… I think it is VERY sane. 🙂 I am rather excited!


I made these two tops last night. One for day and one for night. One for Summer and one for Winter. One dressy and one casual. It is exactly the same pattern as my knit top I made the other day. I love this pattern! And now I have 3… It is a start… Let’s see what other things I can create to join these two tops in my closet! And if you want to be a part- go here and read all about it!