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A few weeks ago in the beginning of 2013 I was on Twitter, minding my own business (ummm- sort of) when I saw Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow challenge Anne at Pretty Grievances to a Sewing Dare. I innocently commented on the challenge and before I knew it I had been challenged to “sew something lovely for myself.” As a die hard quilter and sewing for my family fiend, this was something out of the norm for me BUT something I always tell myself I am going to start doing. So, it was not a malicious challenge, it was a challenge that I needed!

At the same time I was taking part in Jungle January, and at the fabric store stumbled on the perfect fabric for Pajamas and a robe and I decided they would be for me. You can read all about my venture in to Jungle Madness here. The thing was, I killed 2 birds with 1 stone- completed Jungle January- and made myself something!

But I realized I wanted MORE. I wanted to make MORE for ME! And so this past weekend I dug up a lovely sweater knit out of my stash and started sewing.


I have this pattern and have been wanting to make it. Simplicity 2254. When I grabbed it from my stash I did not connect the fact I was using a knit on a pattern that calls for a fabric with no stretch and by the time I realized it I was already cutting. And it didn’t matter because I really wanted to make it, and I wanted it to make it with that fabric. So, away I went.

For those that saw my machine was on the blink, I am using my daughters machine. It is a cheap one but it is working and that is all that matters to me! Whew!

Anyway, here is my top. Which I LOVE by the way.


My action shot- me on the curb making a phone call. (That seems to be about as much action as I see!)


My close up- Me wondering what I should do with my arms. (And yes- I like the cleavage. I have been informed that “boys like that.”)


My “OK, I just forced myself to take 3 pics of myself so I am gonna post them” look.

The top was a little big. Most likely because it was a knit instead of a cotton but I don’t mind. It IS comfy and I feel lovely in it! And because I already completed my Sewing Dare… I am challenging myself to another. Like Anne at Pretty Grievances I have never had a TNT or Tried and True. (I had to google that btw because I felt too silly to ask!) I do not like to make something more than once. I have sewing ADD I am sure of it. (That MUST be a REAL disability right?) Or it may be because I have 3 daughters who I used to make matching clothes for which means I made that pattern 3 times. By garment #2 I was a little bored! BUT, I love this pattern so much I want to make myself 2 more. I am going to make one out of a sweet white eyelet– (can’t you just envision the innocence?) and one out of a blue and black raised velvet chiffon. (Not sure what it is really but I bought it for something I will never use it for now so why not?)

BluEBlack Eyelet1

Here they are in all their glory… waiting for me to cut them out. After this I may need to retire the pattern. But who knows? Maybe at the end of my own personal Sewing Dare I will find myself a TNT convert!

Go check out some of the other Sewing Dares. And if you dare, I am sure Gillian and her team of daring pals can dream up something challenging for you to accomplish this year!

In the meantime, take care my friends and I will see you soon. ~L

PS. Now why did WP pick the CLOSE UP to feature in the “READER” feed… Sigh…