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My machine is crap… I wish I could say something wonderful about it, and I understand I should try to baby it but frankly, it is a cheap junky machine that I use because I have to. I do have dreams however… dreams of having a decent machine that does not cause me endless frustration at every turn,. But those dreams have yet to manifest. Mainly, because my kids like to eat and enjoy the roof over their heads. (I guess I kinda like those things too!)

So here I sit, with the desire to sew, and my machine is on the blink. I JUST had it cleaned and oiled and maintained in October so I really do not understand!


Tonight I had 5 circle skirts to make. I thought I would go over to Kerrielee’s house and get those babies whipped up by the end of the night. But, my machine would not cooperate. So, after fussing with it, playing with the puppy, and drinking a glass of wine to calm my frazzled nerves I started hand sewing in the zippers. Sighhhhh… That’s about all I got done! A few zippers. I have a deadline people!!

Tomorrow I am going to set my baby up again and give it another chance. I will oil her and play with the tension a bit and pray… Because I need to finish those darn circle skirts!