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Hello friends and Happy New Year! First I’d like to thank everyone who has stopped by to visit. As a new blogger it has been very exciting to see the views accumulate and read the comments you make. I have also enjoyed getting to know a few of you and found so many great blogs, lots of good advice, and have appreciated the cheers along the way.

2012 was not the best year for me. I think every area of my life was hit in some way negatively- But… along the way I rediscovered my joy of sewing and have returned in a big way. I dusted off my machines and started going through my “stash.” Years ago I had switched to quilting, but after reading about the junky clothes polluting our world I really wanted to get back to sewing clothing. (Not that quilting is out of the picture- I have several I want to make this year! including a Beatles quilt!)

That was 8 weeks ago. I have not accomplished a lot- BUT I did make 4 new dresses, 3 skirts, a bunch of makeup brush holders, and finished a bunch of UFO’s like 5 pairs of pajama bottoms! And, I started blogging again! I have “met” some wonderful new people and my horizons have opened up. I feel so inspired and challenged at the same time! I want to be like these intelligent, creative, fun sewing bloggers! (not a bad goal right?)

So, here I am – entering the year 2013. I am so happy to say goodbye to 2012. I have 365 blank pages I get to discover! Bring it on!


Here are some of my goals. My main personal goal is to be who I want to be- Not who everyone else wants me to be. Yeah- it has taken me a LONG time to realize the importance of this. If you don’t like me- oh well. I like me! Yes! I can admit to that long time crush on Rick Springfield, that I have a love for Bubble Gum music, the fact that my bed is not made (horrors), and that I need to lose 30 pounds! (Oh, I AM going to lose 30 pounds this year!)

And I am going to sew up a storm! I have 2 vintage dresses on the horizon. I want to make a coat this year (shall it be the Minoru from Sewaholic or the Lady Gray from Collete?) I am going to make MYSELF some clothes. I am going to dust off my knitting needles and knit a pair of socks. I am also going to study fitting (so I can make properly fitted clothing) and I just bought a wonderful book on couture. I really want to challenge myself and grow as a seamstress!

Where do I start? Well, it IS January and I will be sewing up a a few items featuring animal print thanks to a challenge issued over at  Pretty Grievances. I am actually going to be REALLY ambitious (why not start the new year right!) and make something animal print for me and each of my girls! We will all be sporting jungle wear. I am purring with excitement already!!! (Oh, CAN I PURR with excitement? Is that possible?)junglejanuary

I hope you all have a blessed and happy 2013. I am looking forward to getting to know more of you and sharing with you in the upcoming year.

Take care! xoxoxo

PS. I just went and made my bed! 😉