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Ah Dear Readers… I thought I would share my dream life… (We all have one don’t we?)

I LOVE old movies… I love old (I mean vintage) clothes… I LOVE the fashions of the 20’s through the 50’s. The 60’s are fun too but I could never carry them off. I see my girls in the fashions of the 60’s… young and fun.

Some day, I am going to have one “dream day.” And here it is.

BLOG_Old Hollywood Vanity - Annex20-20Harlow20Jean20Dinner20-2

I am going to leisurely wake up… None of this dragging myself out of bed at 5 Am and starting work. Noo- I want to slip in to my sheer peignoir and my feather mules and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with my perfectly coiffed hair and ruby red full lips.

blog_LoungingIn all honesty I am reading a book here- not gazing in to a mirror admiring my “ruby red” lips! Then… I’d like to lay around at the pool… I’d like lunch served at the pool. Yes… and maybe a fancy cocktail… or two!


In the afternoon a little shopping would definitely be in order… I would need to change in to a lovely day dress. Maybe something like this:


I am thinking the lovely pink one would work for me.


Oh Dear! Grocery shopping- NO- and most definitely not with my pet deer… 😉 I think I’d prefer jewelry shopping or maybe a new dress as it seems I sure have to change a LOT in my dream life!

Speaking of changing, I will definitely want to change for dinner. Put on an elegant dress and dine on Lobster and Filet Mignon. And I’d drink champagne cocktails or Manhattans… Cheers!


I will definitely need to end the evening with some dancing.


Ahhh- the life. I am sort of exhausted! Seriously!

The reality? Crawl out of bed, make myself some tea, and wear flannel jammy pants and a sweatshirt. I work from home so I can stay in those jammy pants all day if I want! Eat oatmeal, soup and whatever I can scrape up for dinner. In between I chauffeur one of those darn kids around and maybe run an errand or 2. Oh, and in my free time? I sew! I guess my life has a charm all it’s own!

For 2013 I am compiling my sewing goals. I do have 2 “for sure no matter what” projects on my list that involve vintage… Here is one! The other is at home and I already have a fabric for it… Can’t wait!


Hope you all have a Happy New Year- in case I don’t get the urge to blog again until 2013!

xoxox- L