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Today we reached 1000 VIEWS! So, we decided a small celebration was in order- THANK YOU to all who have stopped by and read the Sew Exhausted Blog. You are VERY much appreciated. xoxox

Our giveaway is just a little something and easy to take part in. A comment gets you one entry and liking our Facebook page gets you two!!! (Just mention in your comment you liked FB and we will put your name in twice. AND if you already like us on FB we will toss one in for you anyway!) I will do the drawing on Wednesday and announce the winner Thursday. (Christmas and the Holidays mean I am be a little busy!)

I also noticed we have a variety of readers- so there are several different little somethings you can choose from if you win!

For the seamstress I have a yard and a third of this sheer chiffon type fabric. (Yeah- I am really knowledgeable about WHAT type of fabric this is- lol) But I know its pretty and has nice drape and is a bit sheer. 🙂


A while back I made about 10 Make-up brush holders and did a tutorial on it. So, I thought I would throw one of those in to the pot.


And for the Quilter we have a great set of 36 5×5 squares.

Giveaway_Quilting1I want to apologize for the dreadful photos- I snapped them in a rush right before I left on our trip to Oregon for the holiday… Because I just KNEW 1000 views would hit while I was away…

So, THANK YOU! Leave us a comment- and what you think you’d like to win! And like us on Facebook too! Entries are welcome from anywhere- I know we have readers from all over…

~Laurie and Kerrielee

PS. Have a blessed Holiday!