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I am not sure WHAT the commercial is- but I need to pause for a few days. I am heading up to Oregon later tonight- a 15 to 16 hour drive from San Diego. I am a little nervous. A big old winter storm hit and there are weather advisory’s through the pass. First 12 hours will be a piece of cake but the last few when I cross over the Shasta area and Siskiyou Mountains, well, lets just say driving in snow does not thrill me. I don’t DO snow… I don’t DO cold as a matter of fact! Brrrrrrrr….


I am excited to be going to Oregon with my girls though. My mom, grandma, cousins, aunts and uncles will be there. It will be a nice way to spend Christmas. BUT, the drive… Sigh, Ah well.. I keep hoping this will not be us:


I plan on taking pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses and will blog about those- (I am going to make them go stand in the snow! Haha) And we will be announcing our giveaway for reaching 1000 views. (Any day now!)

I will see you in a few days! And have a great weekend.