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As a newbie blogger, I have found the blogging world to be fun, supportive and inspiring. I love reading what everyone is up to, seeing what they have made, drooling over recipes, and I can honestly say I learn something every day! AND I love to see the “challenges” and sew-alongs and pattern pyramids and well, it just seems like a wealth of sharing and caring goes on.

Now, I am going to embark on my first “challenge” and it looks like rip-roaring fun! One of my favorite reading pleasures is Pretty Grievances.   And she is hosting Jungle January. We have been challenged to “push the feral envelope this month and stitch up some cuddly crazy or some sleek beast to be featured as part of this soon to an annual animal thang!.” (ooo- I LOVE that quote!)


So, I am in… my cousin is in… And frankly I can’t WAIT to see what everyone stitches up. I have to admit I have already been frantically combing through my stash to find an appropriate meow.. or maybe a growl… Now I just have to decide who I am going to make it for and what it will be!