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I LOVE Old things.. They make me ponder where have they been? Who has cherished them? Who has worn them? The stories those “things” could tell! Some of the things I have I know the story. Like these little elves I get to bring out every Christmas. My mother and father bought these before I was born. They decorated our house every year when I was growing up. And a few years ago they were bestowed on me. Now they grace MY tree and I tell my children their story.



Aren’t they the sweetest little guys? I TREASURE them!

I even like “old” music… OH WAIT! I mean CLASSIC music. I like classic rock, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Doris Day, and The Beatles… sigh…


Isn’t George dreamy? πŸ™‚

Even clothing… I have not had the chance to embark on wearing some of the vintage styles I love mainly because I am just returning to sewing for myself. I have spent the last 20 years sewing for those kids and quilting! Next year I have a goal to make myself at least 3 vintage style dresses. (I have already made a few for my girls… check out A Lovely Fiona Dress for a pretty 60’s party dress!)


Here is a small selection of some of my vintage patterns. I can’t decide if I will make B5747 or B5813 first. I have fabric for both picked out already!

Finally, here is the dress my eldest daughter will be sporting for Christmas. Tell me this isn’t straight out of the 50’s! It has petticoats and is made from a gorgeous black velvet. I LOVE the scalloped neckline and would like to recreate a pattern like this. Kadi wanted it shortened but I said NOOOOO! I will make her one similar in a shorter version. πŸ™‚ We just acquired this dress a few months back. I wonder who wore it and where they were going? How was the party? Or parties this dress has attended? Ahhh- if only it could speak!


I suppose I am happy to leave some of the old things behind… I have several 2012 things I am more than happy to shake from my feet… However there are many old things I like to keep- good memories, wonderful stories, old friends (not saying you guys are OLD just that you have been around awhile!) and an assortment of old things I just don’t want to let go of.

I have been sewing up a storm this week- I finished Holly’s Christmas dress- a lovely green crepe backed satin dress that I used a Cynthia Rowley pattern for… and I am half finished with Juliette’s creamy gold dress that I better get moving on as we are taking pictures tomorrow!

Take care!Β  ~L