I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did! The best part was the extra time I had for sewing and spending time with my family. I was a little disappointed it all ended and I had to head back to work this morning!

Thursday I spent relaxing at home for most of the day. I did not have to cook. That sure was different! At 5 I went to Kerrielee’s house- and dined on a delicious meal. Nothing better than turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy and all the trimmings, and sharing it with family! After that I headed home, to prep all my projects for Friday. The day Kerrie and I were getting together for “All Day Sewing” where we “sew sew sew, til we can’t sew no mo…” And we sure did!

So fun… Kerrie finished her tshirt quilt AND a new skirt for herself.

I finished 5 pairs of Jammy Pants and 3 skirts…

I also ordered a “new” vintage pattern from ZipZapKap.com. And oh Happy Day it came today! Along with 2 vintage belt buckles and a set of vintage buttons. I love the little thank you they wrote on the back of an old pic… I will keep it!

I don’t have a plan for the buttons or belt buckles yet but am looking forward to using them. I also received some great new fabric in the mail from Fabric Mart. I was thrilled to get the one on the lower left- a black wool gabardine. Regularly $20 a yrd- There was ONE yard left so I snagged it for a pencil skirt. The best part of it is because there was one yard left they were selling it for $5. What a deal! And it feels oh so beautiful. 🙂

There is also a black lace, 2 pieces of challis, and a cotton voile… Now for the fun part- creating something wonderful!

Hugs! -Laurie