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Finally! I get to post the lovely retro style vintage party dress I made for Kadi- my eldest daughter. I feel like I have been patiently waiting forever… (Not really!) She wanted to take pictures the perfect day, fix her hair and makeup, and take pictures right… I am ok with that!

I confess I was very excited to get started on this dress. I have collected LOTS of vintage patterns- from the 20’s to the 70’s but had yet to embark on making one. Even more thrilling to me was the fact that when I showed my Auntie Lynda the dress, she informed that she had made a dress from the same pattern when she was younger! Oh, the excitement! :) You may have already seen the pattern and fabric I was using for the dress if you saw one of my earlier posts. I used a Shantung- shiny side up at my daughter’s request.

I am happy to say the dress is complete and I am pleased! When my daughter Kadi put it on she said she felt like Fiona because of the fab sleeves. (Fiona is the princess in Shrek) She said all she needed was a party to wear it to!


The dress is a marvelous color. I used a Shantung, shiny side up per my daughters request. Everything went pretty well… I hand sewed the hem and facings and the ribbon. For the most part I used French Seams on the inside. The gathered sleeve was a little more difficult and I ended up using a turned and stitched seam on that area.  The sleeves are a bit long- again at her request! But when your daughter feels like a Princess- You feel like you have succeeded in your mission!


I would like to make this pattern again but use a lace and change the sleeves to a bell sleeve and line it with a slip. Maybe a bright lace? I saw in a magazine that colored laces are the new thing… or I could do a black lace… hmmmmm…

Tomorrow is “Sew All Day” day. I just loaded up all my projects, some of them unfinished things I am going to try and complete! Can’t wait to see what I accomplish!

Happy sewing friends! -L