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I wanted to make something simple but sweet for Holly. She is my middle daughter, 17 years old and a senior in High School. She loves theater and plans on making a career of it. She is not afraid to wear anything, does not care what people think, and can usually be found wearing a hat of some sort!  Be yourself and wear what makes you happy. That describes Holly!

Holly- 3 years old and always smiling!

I have been on a tight budget recently, and frankly have spent the last 10 years sewing a whole lot more quilts than I have clothing. A lot of my stash is quilting fabric or flannel- although I have some fashion fabric. I stumbled on the olive green paisley cotton in my garage and searched high and low for a cotton that would contrast nicely. The one I found I think I have been stashing for 10 years! But it looked nice with the green.

I used New Look pattern- # 6096. It was quick and it was easy. I made it a little shorter but other than that I didn’t need to do any other alterations. 🙂

When I first finished it looked like this. I was not really thrilled with it. I mean I liked it, but the belt she grabbed from her closet did not go and I felt like it was unfinished. I decided it needed a belt and remembered way back when I was 17 I had made a dress for my graduation, and added a matching belt I made from a belt kit. But, after searching everywhere, I was informed that belt kits are not sold at the fabric store any longer. (and hadn’t been for a very long time- Don’t you love the jeans I couldn’t get her to take off?)

Back to the drawing board. I knew I was going to make something, just didn’t know how I was going to do it yet. Then, EUREKA! I had this idea of making a “Bow Belt” from 1″ wide elastic and a bow with the bodice fabric. It uses a snap to close in the front. It was simple and didn’t take too long. As a final touch I added the lace on the bottom from a roll I have probably stored since my album crafting days. (I am thinking the mid 90’s- YIKES!)

Here is the belt… As you can see it is simple but works perfectly. I used a large snap at the bow so it can be taken on and off. I think it is the perfect touch! Please excuse the pictures- I promise I will get better at the picture taking part!
Holly LOVES her dress. She plans on wearing it tomorrow while she feasts on Thanksgiving Dinner. Speaking of which- Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

The finished dress in all it’s glory!