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Me and the girlies!

Me and the girls- I have to say it is really great to be able to sew for all of us. For one, they are all different and like different styles, which lets me be creative in a lot of different ways! Of course, making 4 dresses for a holiday keeps me darn busy! But I love that I get to do different styles. I also love that I have a more adventurous daughter and for her I can make ANYTHING and she will wear it! 🙂

Below is a pic of my son and daughters in their Christmas finery. I let them choose the style. And I mixed up the holiday colors. When they were little I often made them matching dresses. But alas, they have outgrown that and I need to be more creative! I am fine with it though! Sewing 3 different dresses is a lot more exciting than sewing one dress 3 times!

I have various projects I am jumping around to and from. I am feeling a little ADD in the sewing department right now! You should see my cutting table! But, I will be sewing on Thanksgiving Day and hope to get a thing or 2 actually finished. And Friday- we are having an all day sewing day. (My cousin Kerrielee and Sew Exhausted partner- and her mama) That is when we make a few crock pot meals, a few pots of coffee, and sew sew sew til we can’t sew no mo. 😀

Tomorrow I will posting Holly’s finished dress. I have HOPEFULLY a brilliant idea for a belt. I was just so not happy with the dress- and I have discovered fabric stores no longer sell belt making kits. And the buckle choices were cruddy. So, after much thought I THINK I have a plan! So… I will see you tomorrow! Tune in for pics of BOTH completed dresses this week. Happy sewing! xoxox -L

Casey, Kadi, Juliette and Holly all decked out for Christmas