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It has been a few days since my last post, but rest assured I HAVE gotten some sewing done. Not as much as I would have liked though. Mostly because My Baby… My Youngest… turned 16! I cannot believe it. Well, I guess I can as I have lived with her for exactly 16 years, but WOW… It seems like only yesterday she was … small and sweet! (She is on the left with her older sister Holly)

Oh, she is still sweet- BUT she is almost as tall as me! Here she is in the middle- with her older sisters- BUT she is taller than them!

My, how they have all grown! Anyway- I pulled off a wonderful surprise birthday party for Juliette. The nice thing is it was actually a surprise! We did it. She did not have an inkling. šŸ™‚

Back to sewing- WELL- I am ALMOST finished with Kadi’s dress. I have been doing quite a bit of hand sewing- the sleeve hems, the front facings, etc. I JUST put the zipper in. And about all I have left is the hem and – oh wow- I only have the hem and the attaching of the brown ribbon! Of course I need my daughter for that and she is off at the moment. Pinning those girls down for fittings is a chore and a half!

I am thrilled with the beautiful Juliet sleeves… and the french seams I did on the inside.

I made a few tiny changes but for the most part this pattern fit almost exactly! I can’t wait to finish it up and have Kadi model it. Then I will be moving on to a dress for Holly. So much sewing! So little time!

Take care and Happy Sewing friends!