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The last few days I have been cleaning out my garage in between bouts of sewing, working, and parenting. And as I am cleaning I am organizing my sewing stuff- after all, an organized sewer doesn’t have to run out and buy a 12″ zipper if she can dig through her zipper stash and come up with one. (I have LOTS of zippers… and thread… and buttons GALORE!)

As I am organizing things (OK YES, I confess, I have not ALWAYS been organized- but am changing all of that now!) I am coming across UFO’s- or Un Finished Objects. So far, I have found 3 pairs of jammy pants that just need elastic.

A Saint Patricks themed Irish Chain quilt- just the blocks…

A quilt that frankly I don’t remember WHAT the plan was- but it has squares of Asian print fabrics- (maybe I was going to put fans on the blocks?) It is just a top of squares right now…

And one other project that I am slightly appalled I never finished. My VERY first quilt. It is a quilt top made with the Log Cabin Pattern! Now, I have made MANY quilts- rag quilts, baby quilts, Charger and Packers team quilts, wine quilts, quilts for my kids and friends, but I never completed my FIRST quilt?

Not the BEST image – it HAS been folded up and stuffed in to a sewing machine traveling case I was storing fabric in. Sigh… BUT I have to say it was like greeting an old friend. I made it 16 years ago. It is a twin size and I have VOWED to have it finished by the end of this year. 🙂 I will need to go out and get a backing for it. But I promise you Dear Readers, I WILL finish that quilt!

Do you have any unfinished projects you should be finishing? If so, maybe you should jump on the bandwagon and decide to complete a few of them before 2012 is over!

Take care! and Happy Sewing!