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Hallo again,

I have to say I am getting the hang of this blogging thing… and REALLY enjoying it. In the last few days I have discovered so many wonderful people who craft and sew and collect, viewed their beautiful and unique creations, and even won an award!!! Yes, we at Sew Exhausted have won an award!

Up until recently the only blogs I read regularly were my brother’s blog (All about Beer and Running) and a friends witty cooking blog called The White Trash Gourmet. I have enjoyed them both. But now a WHOLE NEW WORLD has been opened up to me- sewing, vintage ideas, quilting, knitting… and dare I say it? SEW ALONGS! I am so very excited! New friends that share the same interests as me! And if you consider it- I NEVER have to sew alone again! I can share with all of you! My triumphs! My failures! And my so so attempts at creating something. I must say I am thrilled to be a part of the blogging world. (I will attempt to cease with the exclamation points- but I truly AM excited!- OOOPS)

And now… an AWARD… to moi! Just for posting a comment on someone else’s blog. πŸ™‚ To quote from Sew Busy Lizzy,Β  “The Premio Primavera blog award is a Thank You for giving support and encouragement through comments. This award you pass onto the last nine commenters on your blog, they then pass it on and so on – it’s a major rolling thank you festival! What a nice idea!”

Thank you! Thank you! I can’t wait to go out and comment on more blogs! I am also going to have to wait to present such a prestigious award because as of now we only have FIVE total comments on ours- of course we are the new kids on the block so I know before long I will have plenty of interaction! (There I go with those darn exclamation points again!)

Today I plan on mending… sigh. Yes, you heard me right. The girls have asked me if I am EVER going to fix their missing buttons, too long straps, shorten the skirt length etc etc. I have to say, mending is oh so boring… but I know I will feel so accomplished when I am finished. So a-mending I will go. Do you think my dislike of mending is like the landscaper who has a messy yard? πŸ˜€

Off to mend… And I encourage you all to get out there and mingle with the blogging community! They (I mean WE) are so much fun!

Take care and happy sewing,